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The most underrated 10 Android 11 features [Video]

The most underrated 10 Android 11 features [Video]

We have already dived deeper into all the biggest changes the user is facing in Android 11, but there are some really underestimated features that deserve some recognition.

Not everything is created equal and the features added in Android 11 are no exception. Many people are disappointed with the OS update at the end of 2020, which is a bit tough but understandable.

Each OS iteration brought about some impressive changes, but for the first time in a few years, Android seemed more “complete” – making it harder to understand some of the additions and some glittery bugs. Although Android 10 has been considered the biggest leap for a while, Android 11 feels almost like Apple in its tweaks and feature additions.

There are more 40 changes faced by the user that will enhance your daily experience, Under-the-hood additions abound. That being said, you may not have tried or noticed it yet since upgrading.

Notification history

The feature that you can check your entire notification history in the user-friendly subsection is a feature that you probably will not use very often, but it is still a really underestimated feature in Android 11. This is not technically new, but it’s a new UI that lets you navigate and see every device, game, or any log that has been notified or pinged to your device.

The old notification log is not maintained or categorized in the same way, it becomes a more powerful tool if you miss the notification and want to see when it arrives. If COVID-19 is now part of the system with exposure notifications, then it may prove to be a very useful security tool.

Gesture sensitivity adjustments

You will be amazed at how quickly you can get used to the Android gesture navigation method. Depending on how you hold your phone, they may or may not respond. Thanks to the extra ability to adjust and adjust the sensitivity settings or left and right swipe back gestures, at least you can make adjustments to suit your usage patterns.

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Built-in screen recorder

We agree that it has been a long time coming. Screen recording is nothing new in Android, but it is technically new in Android 11. Finally, years after the feature became available on other Android devices, the native screen recording option is now built into the core Android OS.

The weight of expectation makes it an overestimated and underestimated Android 11 feature – yes, it’s weird to say. You probably don’t even care. However, there is no need to download Unique app Nice bonus still ignored.

Keyboard autofill

The keyboard autofill option is another cool everyday feature that may not seem big on face value but ends up being one of the best new additions. The lack of a pop-up menu to enter your pre-configured login details and passwords will streamline the experience while on the web or in the app.

Because it burns on your keyboard, it feels more compatible if you use Gboard. We think this is definitely the least underestimated part of the best Android keyboard.

Recent panel screen shot button

Have you tried using the newly added “Screenshot” button to the Recent Apps panel? Now you might think the app takes a weird screenshot of the carousel, but, it does capture a screenshot of the application currently in view.

This means that in order to take a screenshot of any application that you are currently open, you do not even need to open a technically specified application. As a time saver, this is a really accurate Android 11 feature. It may not be the work you are currently doing, but give it a try and you may find it more useful than you first realized.

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Removed 4GB file limit for video recording

Say goodbye to that annoying 4GB limit when recording 4K video, as it was lifted in Android 11, but there are still some weird quirks – but you should be able to record at higher resolutions – or 1080p – when the file is split into multiple clips without potentially arbitrary restrictions and potentially lost .

Plane mode Bluetooth connection understanding

Travel during the global pandemic may be very low on most people’s agendas, but the ability to manage your Bluetooth connections while toggling airplane mode is amazing. You may think that the distraction and do not disturb mode has not reduced it, but you are enjoying the podcast.

This small adjustment is a really good utility feature, which shows that Google cares about the smallest details in its mobile OS. When toggling Airplane Mode on Android 11 your headphones or speaker are disconnected so there is no complete silence.

Application permissions will be reset after the preset period

Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya. I’m worried about allowing a random app to access your camera or microphone. Do not worry as any applications that you have not used for a long time will have their permissions automatically revoked.

When you restart the application you specified, you must restart your permission preferences. It may seem like an overkill but it’s an important privacy control. Additionally, it works automatically to keep your personal data completely private.

Wi-Fi auto connection improvements

If you have problems with your Wi-Fi connection or are connecting to a Wi-Fi network that you use regularly, Android 11 now has some additional functionality to help streamline and improve the process. The auto-reconnect option is useful if you have multiple networks in one place and want preferential connections to a specific network.

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Thanks to the new toggle, you can quickly disconnect and connect to networks. This may not seem like an important option, but if you have trouble connecting your device to the wrong networks, this is a real bonus.

Always stop the show at night

Hey, we love the display that is always displayed on pixel devices, but when you want to stop or want a good night’s sleep, it’s very annoying. You may not always want to disable the on-display, except during the evening.

If you use Bedtime Mode with the Clock app, you can now turn off your Always On display in your Bedtime Mode schedule. It may not seem like a big deal, but when you are distracted enough by your smartphone display during the day, it is actually a refreshing addition.

Is there a favorite or underestimated Android 11 feature?

What do you love about Android 11 that you think needs a little more recognition? Let us know in the comments section below.

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