November 29, 2022

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Hayley Bieber reveals why she avoided kissing her husband Justin ‘for so long’.

Hayley Bieber reveals why she avoided kissing her husband Justin 'for so long'.

By Sarah Curran.

1 hour ago

Regarding having a relationship in the eyes of the public, Haley said, “It was very difficult for me to understand how to maintain such a relationship experienced in the eyes of everyone. But there comes a time when you have to accept reality and accept who you are. ”

She revealed why she avoided PDA with Justin‌, “I haven’t been able to do this for a long time: I haven’t kissed him in public, and I didn’t like the idea of ​​seeing us for a few moments. … But in the long run, I realized it was a war that would make you tired, instead of protecting you. The fact is, we love each other. There is really nothing to hide. ”

Hayley wrapped her leg around her shirtless husband on the cover of the October issue of the magazine, a special tribute to the famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton.

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Newton became famous for his wife, June Newton, whose relationship greatly influenced his work.

“We ay helibieber and to honor their partnership Ust Justinbieber, One of the most famous couples today to be the protagonists of our cover story, ”explains Outlet.

Cover Haley wearing a navy satin gown, paired with tights and black heels. Meanwhile, “delicious” singer Justin puts on his shirt and shows off his ink torso in just a pair of black pants.

The Canadian music star took to Instagram on Wednesday, September 30 to share a sweet throwback photo of himself and Haley celebrating their wedding anniversary.

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“Hayley Bieber. I’m so lucky to be your husband! ”He wrote in the title.

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“You teach me a lot every day and make me such a good person! I am committed throughout our lives to empower you to be the woman God has called you to be! ”He added.

Interestingly, the Biebers actually celebrate two wedding anniversaries.

The couple first married in 2018 in a New York City court. A year later, on September 30, 2019, they did it again, but this time with a huge celebration The cost will be 500,000.