March 25, 2023

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NBA Finals Game 4: Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat – Live! | Sport


Do you believe in the concept of trap games? Although there is never a scientific consensus about their existence, they are accepted as a matter of faith in sports circles. Maybe it makes us some moost confident, but we’ve seen it many times. If you do not know the word, it’s like this: The team that likes heavily in a winning series is scheduled to play against a weak, perhaps abbreviated, opponent and somehow they lose. Sometimes bigger.

Maybe this is the thing that happens: no team is good enough to win every game and no team is bad enough to lose every game. Probably. However, sometimes, a team feels overwhelmed and confronts a team that feels it has nothing to lose. The results … well the results are as we have seen In Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The Los Angeles Lakers Bam Adebayo and Goran Drajik lost both to give the Miami Heat a 2-0 lead. The pre-game conversation was not about whether the heat could return, it was out of the question, whether it was worth playing the next two games as well. It’s going to sweep.

Without two of their three most important starters, Miami has exactly one way to win: their captain Jimmy Butler is going to have a monster game and the Lakers will have to make some mistakes. Well, both of those happened on Sunday. Butler is one of the greatest individual games of all time in Finals history, Take advantage of the Lakers team committing an absurd number of forced turnovers. The Lakers seemed to trust the hype, heat-out-everything and, as a result, the series could be in our hands.

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Here’s the problem: It’s hard to count two things happening in the second game in a row. You can not imagine Butler scoring a 40-point triple-double in his second consecutive game and everything we know about LeBron James says he never let his team (and the Lakers his team) go off the hook. Sunday after a shocking attempt. In other words, Game 4 is not a trap game, they know how the Heat can beat them.

If the Lakers win, they will take a 3-1 lead in the series and all the pressure will be on Miami to win three consecutive games. It was better than going down 3-0, but not on the whole. However, if the heat can even increase it… we have competition in a very unexpected way NBA The finals we’ve been watching for a while.

Stakes. Thoughts / Comments / Jokes / What Do You Have? Send them in our direction and we will use them throughout this blog. You can send emails to [email protected] or tweet Unt Hunter‌felt. It’s Game 4 of the NBA Finals featuring the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat in the Magic Kingdom. The game is set to start at 9pm EST, but we’ll be here before then.