July 6, 2022

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Discussion: Pence and Harris convened for a vice-presidential debate as the administration was seized by Covid-19

Discussion: Pence and Harris convened for a vice-presidential debate as the administration was seized by Covid-19
In the aftermath of the first presidential debate last week, President Donald Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, was hospitalized for treatment, and Returned to the Oval office later Wednesday A little more than a lonely day at home. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Meanwhile, White House aides and Trump allies are doing a positive test, with the country’s top military leaders in custody after a revelation with a colleague with Kovid-19, and talks on a financial rescue package stalled after Trump unexpectedly stopped them on Tuesday.

At a time when the Trump campaign needed a reset, Pence, who led the White House Coronavirus Task Force, was protected by those developments. Harris will make history as the first Black and South Asian woman Democratic vice president nominee to take part in the general election debate.

While vice-presidential talks usually do not make a big difference in election results, voters may pay more attention to this because of the age of the two people at the top of the ticket.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden, 77, won primaries after portraying himself as a bridge to the next generation of Democratic leaders – and Harris, 55, appeared to be the embodiment of that idea when he chose and made her his running mate. Her successor is clearly visible at the party.

Trump’s 74-year-old Kovid confirmation focused more on his age. And due to a lack of transparency from White House doctors, it is unclear whether he will have medical issues during his match with the coronavirus. Regardless, Pence, 61, is considered one of the Republican contenders for the White House in 2024.

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Expectations were high for her background as a prosecutor for Harris and the skills she showed when she aggressively questioned Trump nominees as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Prior to the primaries, when she was running for the Democratic nomination, she sometimes gave unequal performances on the forum.

Pence, a former radio host, is one of the Trump administration’s most influential interlocutors. He has shown far more ability than the president to speak with empathy and compassion for those suffering with Kovid-19.

The vice president’s main goal on Wednesday was to portray Harris as one of the organization’s most liberal members, portraying her as a vice presidential candidate, whose views are shared by many Americans and those who drive Biden toward socialism. Pence hopes to portray the White House’s actions on coronavirus in a positive light – from the distribution of aid and personal protective equipment to states, to developing vaccine and treatment policies in record time.

Over the course of a week that saw Trump fighting Trump aggressively attacking Biden, cutting him off and spending the debate in a confrontational pose, Pence aimed to be very different. Pence is expected to adhere to the rules, speak in an equal manner and find ways to state his points with a measured tone. Aides told CNN’s Ryan Nobles that Pence was looking to “prosecute” Harris’ case and was not afraid to fire when given the chance, but the difference was that he did so with a smile.

Harris told CNN’s Kyung Lao that Harris was aiming to negotiate with Trump. Harris’ team hopes Pence will be sensitive and a great debate will take place, but the Vice President’s calm demeanor makes him feel no more honest than Trump. The actual inspection will not be a priority, but the key message is to connect Pence as head of the White House’s coronavirus taskforce and how they failed the American people, focusing on talking to voters at home.

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CNN / SSSRS poll Biden opened its broad lead on Tuesday Trump is 57% to 41% on this cycle after the controversial first debate in Ohio and the confirmation of President Covid-19. Biden has a low lead over Trump in the battlefield states that will decide the outcome in the Electoral College.

In the wake of that poll, the Trump campaign – and senior Republicans in Capitol Hill – talking to CNN’s Jeff Jeleni on Wednesday could be one of the last best chances of trying to reset the race.

“If we don’t slow down the bleeding tonight, the remaining three weeks will be terrible for Republicans,” said a Republican senator close to the White House. “Everyone at the party knows that.”

Kovid in the middle of the campaign

The president’s Kovid-19 diagnosis and the wide circle of infected aides have once again made the careless management of the administration of the coronavirus a central issue for the campaign, and the questions of Pens’ exposure to the coronavirus are still less than a week old After Trump tested positive.

After returning from a stay at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, the president made a false statement on social media that the coronavirus was less deadly than the flu, and he released deaf-mute comments about how Americans should not be allowed to control Kovid-19. Lives.

The virus is still at the top of the minds of Americans, who are already voting less than a month before Election Day. In recent days, Trump has fallen far behind Biden in the election – A nationwide CNN poll was released on Tuesday The president showed his opponent was 16 points behind – Americans shunned his undesirable behavior and ignored the dangers of the virus.

Pence is pushing for the president’s sensitive handling of the virus, as well as Trump’s decision to reject the advice of scientists and top medical advisers by continuing rallies and events with large groups of supporters who are not socially distant or masked. .

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Dr. Anthony Fauzi, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, warned on Tuesday that the U.S. could kill 400,000 people by the end of this year if Americans do not follow health relief guidelines such as wearing masks. The President repeatedly scoffed.

The cases devastated White House staff and many friends and advisers became infected after preparing for the first discussion with Trump Biden or attending White House ceremonies related to the nomination of Trump Judge Amy Connie Barrett to the Supreme Court. .

Pence at the White House receptions and the Rose Garden announcement for Barrett, events that accelerated the spread of the virus at the White House. But he repeatedly tested the negativity, as recently as Wednesday, And not detained. He and Harris were separated by Plexiglas shields more than 12 feet apart during the discussion.

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