July 6, 2022

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Pence-Harris VP debate fights US Supreme Court

Pence-Harris VP debate fights US Supreme Court

The vice-presidential talks were discredited by their cousin Uselessness In predicting election results.

Last night’s match between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence was no different (the biggest sensation of the evening may have been created By the original fly). Yet these discussions are instructive.

It reveals the storyline of an upcoming event with history-making consequences for the United States: the battle for a Supreme Court seat.

Confirmation hearings are scheduled for Amy Connie Barrett Start next Monday And the outcome affects American politics For decades to come.

The vice president gave four clues about the parties’ war plans – abortion, health care, allegations of religious folly, and the integrity of the institutions.

Relatively calm discussion

These items came out one night when American politics had a reasonable estimate of about 90 minutes for normalcy.

A liberal democrat and traditional Republican have formulated clear and contradictory political ideologies and were able to remain citizens – or, at the very least, not to call each other “clowns”, to insult close relatives, to talk about white supremacy or to “shut up”.

In other words, Donald Trump did not discuss Joe Biden.

See | Highlights from the Harris-Pence talk:

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris were 12 feet apart in the lone Vice Presidential debate and separated by Plexiglas barriers. 7:52

Pence praised the historic nature of Harris’ nomination as the first black woman on a major party ticket. He thanked her for sending her best wishes for the President’s recovery from COVID-19.

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The Kumbha session ended there.

Pence later learned of the time Harris spoke, and when she said she doubted the safety of the Trump-promoted COVID vaccine, he called her statement “unintentional.”

Harris questioned why the president had not released his tax records and wondered to whom he would have to pay the money.

Democratic Planning: Talk about health care, abortion

The exchange came after the Supreme Court, and how Democrats see an advantage over health care and hopes to raise it in Connie Barrett’s trials.

One of the biggest cases the High Court will hear is the White House-backed challenge against Obamacare law Growing popularity.

Harris is involved in Connie Barrett’s diagnostic trials.

Judge Amy Connie Barrett spoke after US President Donald Trump announced his nomination to the Supreme Court on September 26 in the Rose Garden in the White House. (Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

On Wednesday night, she looked into a television camera and spoke directly to viewers at home, giving a message that would certainly be repeated at that hearing.

“If you have a pre-existing condition – heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer – they are coming for you. If you love someone with a pre-existing condition, they are coming for you,” Harris said.

Pence replied: “This is nonsense.”

He says he and Trump have a plan to protect the status quo. After four years in government it is not clear what their plan is. The moderator asked for details and Pens never gave up.

A miscarriage occurred on the second revelation transplant.

See | The CBC panel analyzes the Harris-Pence debate:

A team of U.S. political experts will break down what happened during the vice presidential debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris and what its impact will be on the November election. 9:56

If the next court appointment overturns the landmark row vs. Wade case, Republicans are not currently interested in discussing, with both elections and confirmation still pending.

Moderator Susan Page asked former Indiana Governor Pence what he would do if Rowe versed Wade.

“Does your own state want to ban all abortions?”

The referendum may explain the Republican reluctance to answer that question: Americans Strongly opposed Manipulating Row vs. Wade.

Pence avoided abortion for the court fight. “I will never ume how Judge Amy Connie Barrett will rule,” he replied, adding that he was personally in favor of life.

Republican focus: Alleged stupidity, court packing

Democrats revolve around their own contentious issue. Whether they are planning a radical comprehensive plan of the Supreme Court.

The U.S. Constitution does not limit the number of judges and the desire to pack up the court if Democrats gain power is growing on the left.

Listen: Analysis of the Lone Pence-Harris talk:

Front burner21:34Aging presidential candidates are ramping up the VP debate

Last night, Vice Presidential candidates Mike Pence and Kamala Harris clashed in their only debate on the 2020 campaign. The debate comes just days before Donald Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus, and in the race between two of the oldest presidential candidates in American history. Today, CBC Washington correspondent Katie Simpson recalled an unusually important VP discussion. 21:34

Biden though Said He opposes such an action, Many Democrats Smoking What they see is the anti-democratic voice of the Republican Party against American institutions, which have almost never won a popular vote in the presidential election since the 1980s.

They argue that the current political system favors smaller, whiter states – and that many would like to see Senate seats for Washington, DC and Puerto Rico, and the next Democratic president to include new court judges.

Democrats beat the question on court size

Pence asked his opponent at least four times on Wednesday: Will you pack the court if you win this election?

Harris repeatedly beat the question.

Later, after she did not answer, Pence said, “If you do not recognize it yet, they are going to pack the Supreme Court if they win this election.”

Pence and Harris said goodbye to the audience with their spouses after talks Wednesday in Salt Lake City, Utah. (Mori Gash / Reuters)

Finally, the debate explains what Democrats need to know now: Any attacks on Connie Barrett Religious faith Used against them.

Republicans have repeatedly accused him of causing religious stupidity in the news Highlights – Largely unknown, unselected Democrats and three-year-old social media posts Comment By a prominent elected official.

Pence lists some Democrats who have commented on Connie Barrett’s faith and says he believes he can get better treatment than this nominee. Brett Kavanagh Was on his trial two years ago.

There are signs that the attacks on Kavanagh are angry Powerful Republican Voters Early 2018 Congress Interim.

Ongoing Discussion, However, about Whether or not there is It actually had an impact on the election. Republicans were able to win two new Senate seats after the Kavanagh trial, but lost the House of Representatives.

‘General Political Land’ tour

No one has been able to think for years about the electoral impact of this debate.

The CNN panel of voters has an equal number of Harris and Pence winners – four per cent. While a large survey gave Harris an edge, past VP talks moved some votes.

Rachel Maddox of MSNBC hailed the success of this relatively extraordinary affair, following the jaw-dropping scene of the presidential debate in late September.

“It was like a visit to Normal Politics Land,” she said.