June 28, 2022

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Signs with Jack Bogosian Maple Leafs

Signs with Jack Bogosian Maple Leafs

His contract is 1 million and one year. Oh, and he has a cup ring.

Bogosian right-shooting defender, he is older and average and now plays a more in-depth role in his 30s. He is an interesting person. He was one of the rare defenders to jump into the NHL after the draft – he finished third overall in 2008 – but it was at least partly because it was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers.

He acquitted himself for being a kid on an expansion team that never got better. When the team became jets the Bogosian traveled to Winnipeg, eventually trading him to Buffalo Sabers, where he did great service to some of the worst teams in hockey since thrashers were a thing.

I have to admit, there was a smile on my face when he won the cup. He was for some good reason. He won the cup after the Tampa Bay Lightning went out for a few big and average guys and he had two assists in eight regular season games, four assists in 20 playoff games and the aforementioned ring. They re-signed Luke Shen, so we were, too.


Listen to her I am not.

I forgot Bogo must have designed a mid-season purchase to get the hell out of Buffalo. Considering he comes from a town just below the highway, it says a lot about Buffalo.

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How is he a player? Not so good! But, not too bad. He is now a man of re-establishment level depth, but you don’t have to go back more than two years to find some good defensive effects in his results.

Is he as good as Justin Hole? No, not likely, even though they play very differently, I’m not sure if that makes a meaningful comparison. Let’s type against typing him …

I was suddenly so good.