May 25, 2022

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NBA Finals Takeaway: LeBron has no asterisk because LeBron adds fuel to GOAT debate

NBA Finals Takeaway: LeBron has no asterisk because LeBron adds fuel to GOAT debate

Los Angeles Lakers beat 2020 NBA Champions, Miami Heat 106-93 Sunday evening To achieve the title In Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

LeBron James 28 points for the Lakers, 14-rebound, 10-assist triple-double and The finals were named MVP He won his fourth title with his third different team for the fourth time in his career.

During these finals, James had his greatest championship-series performance of his career. He averaged 29.8 points, 11.8 rebounds and 8.5 assists from the game, 59.1 percent from the ground and 41.7 percent from three points.

This is the 17th championship in the history of the Lakers franchise and it has caused great unrest for the team as the club has launched an exhibition competition in China amid controversy between the NBA and the Chinese government over a tweet removed from the Houston Rockets. GM Daryl Mori in support of Hong Kong protesters.

Tragedy struck not only the Lakers but the entire basketball world on January 26 when franchise icon Kobe Bryant lost his life in a helicopter crash along with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna.

Following this, the theme of the Lakers season became one of honoring Bryant’s memory, which he did best: bringing the title home to the Lakers loyalists.

It was a mission that eventually achieved for Los Angeles, but it took a long time to get there.

The 2019-20 NBA season is the longest in NBA history, lasting 380 days as the Kovid-19 pandemic continues due to the mid-season suspension.

The happy coincidence of this is that last season’s champions, the Toronto Raptors, set a record as the longest-running defending champs in league history – never breaking a record to prevent the league from closing again. For a long time.

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The start of the season ended almost entirely in the calendar year, and after the Lakers bought Anthony Davis to pair up with James, the big promise came true and many pre-season prognosticators did well in the championship. Guesses, by standing alone on top of the mountain.

Here are a few takeaways from both Game 6 and the Lakers and Heat seasons.

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No star here

At the beginning of this grand bubble experiment, there was an opinion that the champion crown at the end of this road was not legal anyway, because of the unusual conditions of the season break and then the rapid resumption.

But there is an argument to make the Lakers come into this environment and make it all the more impressive than normal to win. Seeding games are eliminated from the league’s worst teams, there are regular four-round playoffs, and extreme loneliness and the general mental number of playing in the bubble only increase the difficulties.

No, there is no travel due to the bubble, but there are no inherent benefits in Disney World.

The home-court purpose does not exist and, apparently, does not provide all the comforts of home. All you have to do is play basketball, and the best team really wins.

The Lakers have had the weight of expectations on their shoulders all season, picking up heavily as they enter the bubble and the playoff spotlight is just on the horizon.

Between the psychological number of loneliness in the bubble, the burst of COVID cases outside of it and, amidst the ongoing fight against racial injustice and the ongoing fight against police brutality, it took a unique psychological stubbornness to try to play. The level required to reach the finals.

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And it took even longer to win.

The Lakers deserve their praise.

So, in the second thought, a star might have been added to this title. The 2019-20 Lakers are a star to admit they may have earned the toughest Larry O’Brien trophy ever given.

The GOAT debate is now hotter than ever

The hottest part of the barber shop discussion was adding light fuel to an already uncontrollable bonfire, the greatest basketball player talk ever from James or Michael Jordan.

The Last Dance Jordan’s basketball is a wonderful reminder of God, but now that LeBron has won his fourth title, the gap between Jordan and James has narrowed even further.

James and Jordan are now the only players in NBA history to have at least four regular-season and finals MVP awards. While Jordan has two more rings, while Davis is playing with James and James, he’s looking to get better as he gets older, who’s to say he’s not holding on to Jordan’s magical number six titles?

At the moment, it seems certain that the two extra rings that Jordan has are just as great as the former Bulls on James and the scene that closes that gap is definitely in sight.

Jimmy deserves more love

James was unanimously selected to qualify for the Finals MVP, but for me, personally, I have to say, I voted for Heats Jimmy Butler.

Butler did not have a good game 6 because he scored just 12 points, but he averaged 26.2 points, 8.3 rebounds, 9.8 assists and 2.2 steals 55.2 percent shooting in the series. That stat line included two triple-double appearances in Games 3 and 5, which not only put a huge number of games in the history of the NBA Finals, but also failed to achieve commercial success due to injuries. Crumbling talent.

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Butler should be recognized for being the only reason for Miami to make the first series of this thing and for doing so with at least two finals MVP votes, as the old Lakers are trying to kill the mighty Boston Celtics like the great Jerry West. It should not win by itself.

Heat is very hobbled, Lakers are very talented

In the end, the good team won the day.

For all of Butler’s heroism, the heat from the jump was far behind when Bam Adebayo had to miss two games with a neck injury. Goren Drajic was only able to play Game 1 of 14:50 before being forced out of the lineup with capillaries clinging to his torn soles before deciding to make a futile effort in Game 6.

Those injuries alone have plagued Miami’s chances, especially since the finals stage seemed too big for Tyler Hero and Duncan Robinson, who sometimes played a key role.

However, Adebayo and Drazik are healthy but not telling how things happened. Los Angeles’ overall talent boasted with two of the best players in the series, including James and Davis, and the veteran club boasted – with players like Rajan Rondo, now winning the title with both the Celtics and the Lakers and Danny Green. He won his third title with his third different team – which could have overwhelmed Miami anyway.