July 7, 2022

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Tony Dungey calls Doc Prescott’s injury a ‘blessing in disguise’ for the Cowboys

Tony Dungey calls Doc Prescott's injury a 'blessing in disguise' for the Cowboys

Doc Prescott suffered a right ankle fracture on Sunday night, His season for the Cowboys is over.

The Cowboys quarterback had a great season, entering Sunday’s game against the Giants with three-row 400-yard play. However, the figures did not translate to victories as the Cowboys were the only one before Sunday.

With this in mind, NBC Sports Analyst and Hall of Fame Tony Dungey said Prescott’s injury will work for Dallas. However, he used fewer words to describe his thoughts.

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“It’s very tough for Doc Prescott, it can be a boon in disguise for the Cowboys,” Dungey said. “They’ve got a good, experienced quarterback who can do some plays. And that might be a reason to go back to their old formula. Lean on the running game and lean on Ezekiel Elliott. Help that defense by controlling the ball.”

Since “blessing in disguise” is not the right choice of words, dungeon is naturally criticized. And then he accepted an apology on Twitter.

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Poor word choice aside, Dangi may not be sure with his statement anyway.

The comments made by Dungey do not seem to have given the Dallas ball to Elliott. The Cowboys have given Elliott at least 20 touches this season except for one game. He is third in the league with 113 runs from five games (behind Josh Jacobs and Joe Mixon).

So when the cowboys now say to the dungeon that “Ezekiel may lean on Elliott”, there is not much inclination.

Dallas was good enough to have a solid backup option in Andy Dalton‌. The Cowboys will inevitably lose their opening quarterback, becoming the first NFL passer to travel 6,000 yards in a single season.

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