June 30, 2022

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Experts say Trump’s new arguments on coronavirus immunity are ‘very dangerous’ – National

Experts say Trump's new arguments on coronavirus immunity are 'very dangerous' - National

After recovering from the virus that killed 215,000 Americans, the President of the United States Donald Trump Now delivering a new message: he’s got immunity from the novel Corona virus, And everyone who made the deal was the same.

But health experts say one kind of message is dangerous – not just because there is not enough scientific data to support it, but because the president is underestimating the severity of the epidemic.

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Cases of coronavirus re-infection raise concerns over immunity

Trump began leaking his immunity over the weekend after Trump told his doctor, Dr. Sean Conley, that the president had met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention standards to safely end loneliness and that he was no longer considered a transmission hazard “by currently recognized standards.”

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Trump told a crowd at a campaign rally in Sanford, Fla.

“I’ll go into that audience,” he said. “I walk in there and kiss all of that audience. I kiss guys and beautiful women… everyone. I’ll give you a big fat kiss. “

Coronavirus: Trump considers himself ‘powerful’ as a reward for his campaign

Coronavirus: Trump considers himself ‘powerful’ as a reward for his campaign

The next day, after repeating his line from Monday, he went further, to Johnstown, Pa. In attendees at his rally in asked if anyone had signed up for COVID-19 and received cheers from some pockets of the audience.

“You’re the people who want to say hi, because you’m immune right now,” he said Tuesday night.

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Isaac Bogoch, an infectious disease specialist at the University of Toronto, said that while Trump was not necessarily wrong about immunizing Covid-19 patients after they recovered, it was not yet clear how widespread or how long it would last.

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“We know people have some credible evidence to re-verify,” he said.

“The most important thing is that even after people recover, they must adhere to basic public health principles and feel that they are not contagious. They still need to wear a mask. They still need to stay away physically. That will not change.”

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Trump returns to campaigning after COVID-19 confirmation

Trump returns to campaigning after COVID-19 confirmation

In the hours between Trump’s two rally remarks, A case report was published Monday The Lancet Infectious Diseases Medical Journal described a 25-year-old Nevada man who tested positive in April after showing mild symptoms, and then fell ill with a more serious match in late May. The man recovered from two infections.

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In the Netherlands, the National Institute for Public Health Confirmed An 89-year-old Dutch woman suffering from bone marrow cancer has recently died of a second case of COVID-19.

Other isolated cases of reunion Reported Worldwide, including Asia and Europe.

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Trump is back on the campaign trail, claiming he has ‘immunity’ to the coronavirus.

Although there is evidence that reinfection is unlikely for at least three months, even in those with a mild case of COVID-19, very few diseases make people fully immune to life. Antibodies are only one part of the body’s defenses, they degrade naturally over time.

“(Trump) is very dangerous to tell people, because a lot of people in the crowd can raise their hands (yes) I have a coward,” said Colin Furnace, an epidemiologist at the University of Toronto.

“Either they did not and they think they did, or they did and they have only a small match. In this case, oh yes, they can re-infect. So his new belief in immunity may actually cause them to get sick again.”

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Coronavirus: WHO calls ‘immunization’ response to pandemic ‘unethical’

Coronavirus: WHO calls ‘immunization’ response to pandemic ‘unethical’

Furness said the data on reinfection cases is likely to catch small cases especially another match of the virus. Human T cells can become comfortable by fighting a small match so that the body does not produce the antibodies needed to prevent a second infection.

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“What he says is completely incorrect,” Furnace said. “And if not in this case, it’s very dangerous to give it again. People with moderate, mild cases do not have immunity.”

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Herd immunity to coronavirus solution is ‘just unethical’: WHO

Michael Curry, who specializes in infectious diseases at the University of British Columbia, said in the case of Trump, the president Experimental antibody therapy Actually creates a false sense of immunity.

“These synthetic antibodies may have cleared the virus, but his body may not have developed the ability to produce its own antibodies,” he said. “So when these artificial antibodies leave his system, he is not protected.”

In addition to taking Regeneran antibody therapy, Trump was also given the steroid dexamethasone, which is usually prescribed to patients with severe COVID.

Other health professionals Said Severe cases should be separated by 20 days after a positive test of more than 10, which means how long Trump has spent on the campaign trail.

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Trump is hosting a large number of people at the White House after being admitted to the COVID-19 hospital

Trump is hosting a large number of people at the White House after being admitted to the COVID-19 hospital

However, Trump returned to public events as soon as his doctors cleared him on Saturday and is planning several rallies in key Republican forces and swing states through the last two weeks of campaigning.

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Furnace said the strategy, and Trump’s latest claims about the virus, are further indications that the president is not keeping his image on himself and others’ health.

“He’s probably not getting immunized,” he said. “Even if he never hears the word immunity from anyone, I think he’s very happy to make it his own because it boosts strength.”

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