June 26, 2022

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Amy Connie Barrett faces questions on Day 3 of Senate hearings

Amy Connie Barrett faces questions on Day 3 of Senate hearings

Washington – Judge Amy Connie Barrett returned to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, the second day of her confirmation hearing for the Supreme Court, following the marathon. First round question In it she refused to weigh in on some of the important issues she would face if confirmed to the High Court.

Thursday round questioning is minimal, with each senator getting 20 minutes to ask questions differently than 30 minutes. Democrats followed sharper questions than they did Tuesday, as Barrett investigated her past views and writings and how she applied her legal philosophy.

Affordable Care Act, Row v. Democrats pressured Wade to explain her views on the challenges that the Supreme Court should weigh for Wade and the upcoming election. Barrett, however, declined to comment on how she could adjudicate cases before the High Court. , A time-honored strategy appointed by the Supreme Court nominees of both parties.

“I have no mission and no agenda. The judges have no publicity promises,” Barrett said by the end of the trial on Tuesday.

During a memorable exchange with Senator Diane Feinstein, who questioned her about abortion, she said she had “an agenda to abide by the rule of law.”

“If I express an opinion one way or another, whether I say I love it or I hate it, it gives signals to lawyers that I may be bent one way or another in the pending case,” she said.