July 5, 2022

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Teens replace their Yearbook message with a racist slur Birthday love, Scholarship

Teens replace their Yearbook message with a racist slur Birthday love, Scholarship

TORONTO – A young man who was the subject of racist pranks saw his high school yearbook tribute being replaced with a racist slur for his grandmother.

Joshua Telemack presents a Yearbook message in honor of his late grandmother for guiding him through his four years of high school at St. Mary’s Catholic Secondary School in Pickering. But when he received a copy of his yearbook last week, he was shocked to learn that the message next to his picture had been replaced with a racist phrase referring to a gorilla shot at a Cincinnati zoo.

His aunt took to Facebook to point out the racist incident, which caused an outcry and support for Telemack.

On Wednesday, some athletes, broadcasters and others in Toronto sent support and greetings for his 18th birthday.

Among them are Raptor player Ronade Holis Jefferson, sports coasters Mark Strong and Leo Routins and others.

“Be brave. Remember, people who say hateful or bizarre things, you know it says a lot more about themselves than anyone else,” Routines said. Video message.

Greetings, support messages and a sports memorabilia were provided to Telemac. But the biggest surprise was announced by Mike Hogan of the Toronto Argonauts, who stood outside the Telemac house to say that the Pinball Clemons Foundation was offering a full four-year scholarship to a Canadian university or college of his choice.

Telemack said he was speechless.

“I appreciate it so much, thank you so much for it,” he said. “It touched my heart. It’s special to me, the world understands me right now.”

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Torn, his mother called the gift “wonderful.”

“He always says football is his life and it’s amazing to see him receive this award, this scholarship,” said Marwa Masicot Telemack.

“If there’s one problem that removes us, it’s bullying,” Hogan said. “We were angry about this. We wanted to show him we were behind him. It really hit home.”

The de-escalation of vehicles – including fire trucks and police cruisers – greets him outside the teenage home.

“We are all with him, standing behind him. What happened is just a deadly act and will not be tolerated in this community, ”said Pickering Mayor Dave Ryan from his car outside the Telemac home.

Another well-wisher said Telemak wants her to know that society is with her.

“I hate it happened to him. It hurts my heart,” she said.

Telemac’s former Pickering High School students demanded the return of all copies of the YearbookHe has launched an investigation into the Durham Region Catholic District School Board Into the incident. The board also informed Durham police, who are investigating the matter, to determine if any allegations are necessary.