May 21, 2022

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Who voted tonight & who won? – Big Brother Network

Julie Chen on Big Brother 22

It’s Eviction Night again Big Brother22 We look forward to seeing the results of who voted tonight Big Brother. Will it be Memphis or Christmas and will this be our first blind side of the season with these results? Oh it’s good for change.

There were only two votes this week. Can you believe it? In less than two weeks until the end of the season we are about to hit our final four rounds of the season and I do not expect to have a chance for a tie tonight.

Don’t miss this week’s deletion episode! You can Live on all access of CBS In most markets across the US you don’t have to have fun even if you run out tonight.

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We had a long jury house segment and it was great to discuss how they see the season roll and who is playing the best game. The chicken stock seems to be growing with them. They also received video messages from home and there were plenty of eyes on that jury house. Now we are voting.

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 10 Votes:

  • Chicken votes to remove: Memphis
  • Enzo votes to remove: Memphis

By 2-0 votes, Memphis Garrett Big Brother was evicted from the house.

After the vote, we will see HGs leaving for the backyard to compete for the new Head of Household. As the Enzo, Nicole and Cody trio head into the final stages of the night, this week will be one of two chances to secure the odd-out HG.

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Big Brother 22 Results – Week 11 HoH Camp:

Julie tells HGs that Kesar is back to introduce HOH Comp this week. He greets them on screen and says that this comp leads to a very memorable moment from his time in Big Brother… No, no, it’s not a pressure cooker. Sonofa… This is “Night Moves” and it’s cool, but it’s not a pressure cooker.

After the show, we go back Live feeds On who won the HOH and to start planning the next rounds for the goal this week. Hold on Free effort And join us there now!

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