December 4, 2022

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Apple’s massive AirPods upgrade has suddenly come out

Apple's massive AirPods upgrade has suddenly come out

Apple’s most exciting iPhone 12 upgrade It’s very, very unexpected The company has revealed that it is now working on the same exciting upgrade for Air Pods.

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Just days after the iPhone 12 event, Apple unveiled the exciting new ecosystem of MagSafe charging and accessories, and the company filed a patent with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office for the heavily redesigned MagSafe Air Pods.

Marked by Patented Apple, The new AirPods use a super thin folio case that snaps into the back of the device (read: iPhone) using magnets. Apple shows a more traditional slimmed down design with a flip-open lid that connects in the same way. Both devices then charge directly from the iPhone.

Apple tries to be obscure in the description of these devices, but leaves a little for the air vent, which has a magnet that emits an external magnetic field that can be detected by a magnetic field sensor. [read: MagSafe]. The accessory device may have an inductive charging coil designed to supply power to the internal power supply. ”

And the whole idea is brilliant. Although the airpods cases have become almost as iconic as the buds, they are too small to lose / forget, large enough to carry other uncomfortable ones in the same pocket. The new, flattering magnetic design eliminates both problems that allow you to keep your airpods and iPhones together.

Patents never show the final polished design of a product and they do not guarantee an open release. Magsafe Airpods are not smart and I hope they will come sooner rather than later as Apple pulls out its Magsafe accessories. After all, Christmas is coming.

Apple played well. Well played.


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