June 30, 2022

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Seth Rollins failed to hire Daniel Bryan, confronted by Murphy & the Mysterious (edited)

Photo credit: WWE

Seth Rollins Friday night may have been drafted to SmackDown, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to spread more good to anyone he can. When Daniel Bryan first appeared on the WWE Thunder Dome tonight, Rollins tried to get Bryan to join his cause, but Ray & Dominic refused before attacking both Mysterio and his former follower Buddy Murphy.

When Bryan returned to the Thunder Dome, Rollins quickly interrupted things, asking which side Bryan would stand in history. After laughing at Rollins and calling his method “a kind of dumb”, Rollins attacked Bryan, leading to a confrontation between the two. After getting the upper hand and getting a few yes kicks to Bryan, Rollins walked away, and Ray Mysterio and Dominic both stepped into the ring later. After asking Bryan for help and laughing, Rollins was left alone in the ring, but was joined by his former disciple Murphy.

Rollins appears to be ready to attack the Mysterious with Murphy, but in surprising circumstances, Murphy attacks Rollins, knocks him to the ground, knocks him down and causes Rollins to get out of the ring. At the unity show, Murphy tried to move Ray and Dominic’s hands, but both refused and left the ring instead.

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