March 25, 2023

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Trump is leaning towards fear tactics to win the Midwest states

Trump is leaning towards fear tactics to win the Midwest states

Muskegon, Mitch. – U.S. President Donald Trump on Saturday leaned on fear tactics that leftists are trying to “erase American history, purge American values, and destroy American way of life” on a re-elected pitch in Michigan.

“The Democrats you once knew do not exist,” Trump told voters in Muskegon, Michigan, before a rally in Wisconsin – two states in the Upper Midwest that were key to his 2016 victory but could now slip out of his grasp.

While trying to keep more voters from turning on him, Trump tried to portray Democrats as “anti-American radicals” on the “fight against American history.” He said it was “moral duty” for moderate voters to join the Republican Party.

He also re-examined his month-long feud with Michigan government Gretchen Whitmer.

A Democrat named Whitmer has focused on a conspiracy to kidnap anti-government terrorists outraged by her lockdown actions as a result of the coronavirus. Thirteen people have been charged in connection with the scheme, which includes plans to storm the state capital and conduct some sort of investigation for the governor.

This is the theme that Trump favors, with the audience chanting “Lock her up”.

“You want your governor to open your state and keep your schools open. Schools need to be open, right?” Trump said he took credit for the role of the Federal Law Enforcement in the failure of this plot.

A Whitmer aide responded in a tweet to Trump’s attacks.

“Every time the president does this at a rally, violent rhetoric about her immediately rises on social media,” Tori Soiler, Whitmer’s digital director, tweeted. “It must stop. It just is.”

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Trump’s re-election pitch shows not only the leadership of Democrat Joe Biden, but also in key battlefield surveys. After the campaign largely withdrew from TV commercials in the Midwest, it transferred most of its money to the Sunbelt states of Florida, North Carolina, Arizona and Georgia, as well as Pennsylvania.

The president was caught earlier this month managing a coronavirus that had been hospitalized for several days.

Wisconsin broke the record for new positive coronavirus cases on Friday – the third time this week. The state also had record daily deaths and hospitalizations this past week.

But there was little evidence of concern among the crowd at the Trump airport rally, where thousands of supporters gathered in the cold. The majority abandoned the masks.

Biden did not hold any public events on Saturday. But in a memo given to supporters, campaign manager Jen O’Malley Dillon warned of complacency.

“The reality is, this race is a lot closer than some of the scholars we’ve seen on Twitter and TV,” she wrote in a memo, a copy of which was obtained by the Associated Press. “If we’re learning anything from 2016, we can not underestimate Donald Trump or his ability to get back into controversy in the last days of the campaign, through any smears or underhand tactics he has.

Trump has been keeping an aggressive campaign schedule despite his own recent match with the virus. He is holding rallies Monday in Nevada and Arizona before returning to Pennsylvania on Tuesday.

When Trump campaigned in Georgia on Friday he seemed to have trouble securing a second term. The Republican presidential candidate since 1992 has not lost a state, but polling shows Trump and Biden in stiff competition. Four years ago Trump had to send voters to court in Iowa, where he won nearly 10 percent of the points.

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The latest campaign fundraising figures from the Trump team are the first president to face economic adversity in the modern era. After building a huge cash margin, his campaign cost a lot, but Biden kept costs low and profited from the influx of donations, raising nearly $ 1 billion over the past three months. This would give Biden a huge cash advantage in just two weeks before the election.

In the hours leading up to his rallies on Saturday, Trump focused on settling the score with his own party member, Republican Sen. Ben Sassసేs of Nebraska.

Referring to him as “Little Ben Sass”, Trump tweeted that the senator was “responsible for the Republican Party, and a nuisance to the Great State of Nebraska.”

The tweets came after Sassసే told constituencies at a telephone town hall meeting Wednesday that Trump was privately mocking evangelicals “flirting with white supremacists” and “kissing the baskets of dictators.”

Sassసే, who is set to be re-elected this year in a strong Republican state, criticized the president’s handling of the coronavirus and said the Trump family considered the presidency a “business opportunity.”

Trump’s Twitter slammed Broadside Sass as “the least influential of our 53 Republican senators, and not really the one to be great.”

“He’s not going to waste a single minute on tweets,” Sassసే spokesman James Wegman tweeted that Sassసేs was focused on keeping Republicans with their 53-47 Senate majority.

Slodisco reported from Washington.