May 17, 2022

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UBC students have been criticized on social media for doing parties amid the epidemic

UBC students have been criticized on social media for doing parties amid the epidemic

Vancouver – The fraternity at the University of British Columbia has been summoned for violating COVID-19 rules limiting the size of party parties and meetings.

Complaints online are posted anonymously on the Facebook group “UBC Confessions” and are addressed to university students.

“With a request from everyone else on campus, you can refrain from partying and violating health restrictions,” the post writer asked.

“Your social change is not more important than everyone’s health,” they said.

The post drew several comments. It does not specifically refer to any brotherhood or when the parties took place.

“We know about these posts,” said Matthew Ramsey, director of affairs at UBC University.

He quickly said that the university was independent of its sister homes.

“Brothers homes are operated by individual fraternities through long-term leases. They are not on UBC property and UBC has no role in their management,” Ramsay said.

There is one example, however, that the RCMP splits the on-campus conference.

Chris Conrad, a graduate student at the university, posted a video on Twitter in September showing at least two RCMP vehicles with flashing lights and many people fleeing the area.

The title of the video reads: “Row seats in front of RCMP break 50 party.”

In that case a neighbor contacted the police, who came to disperse the group.

“We hope the same will happen,” he added.

Around North America, there are examples of the spread of COVID-19 associated with student activities on university campuses.

Health officials linked a bunch of coronavirus cases A fraternal party At the University of New Hampshire in September.

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There is currently an outbreak at Western University where a student told CTV News‌ Parties in some hostels “every night”.

Back at UBC, most students are aware of online rumors about parties at fraternal homes. A Online Petition The call to stop such meetings garnered more than 1,200 signatures as of Friday.

“Yes, it’s frustrating, you hate people neglecting the rules,” said a student named Matt, who spoke with CTV News. “We work very hard on campus during business hours, to keep the rules and be safe, and when people go home and do their own things on the weekends, people put it aside.”