May 28, 2022

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After the chat, Microsoft pauses to install unsolicited Windows 10 web application

After the chat, Microsoft pauses to install unsolicited Windows 10 web application

On Saturday, I pointed out how Microsoft is Forcing restart Windows 10 computers to install unwanted web applications The latest proof that you do not have your own Windows PC. Today, the company says this is at least partially a mistake – and pause the “migration” that brought web applications this way to your Start menu.

In fact, Microsoft says To the edge, Start Menu The idea is that any website you pinned will be launched in Microsoft Edge. If you have a version of the PWA web application on the website of your choice, the Edge browser may also launch it automatically. But – as we call the Microsoft bug, even though we’re trying to figure out what part of the bug it is – this change has made it look like existing web shortcuts for its own Microsoft Office products. Even your PC.

Web versions of Microsoft Office appear in my list of programs.
Screenshot: Sean Hollister / The Edge

If Microsoft takes a moment to take advantage of the skepticism, I can see how the chain of events unfolded and why it could have been an unexpected evolution.

But that does not address my previous concerns:

  • Why did Microsoft use my start menu as a free ad for its office products, web shortcut or not?
  • Why do these PWAs burn Microsoft Edge instead of respecting my own default choice browser? Chrome handles PWAs nicely, for example.
  • Why does Microsoft believe I have the right to force-restart my PC? What is so critical about this update to make it worthwhile?

Microsoft has clearly heard some dissatisfaction, and it is responding to it today. But it is not clear if anything will change as a result. I’m not surprised if your list of programs differs from PWAs.

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