May 24, 2022

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Connex’s faith in Jacques Havriluk may have been necessary for his closing career

Connex's faith in Jacques Havriluk may have been necessary for his closing career

Vancouver – Six years after the 2014 NHL draft, the Vancouver Cancs finally chase after Jace Havriluk. But six years later, at 24, he is still pursuing his National Hockey League career.

Salary-cap-squeezed Conx on Monday signed bargaining agreements with Havriluk and current 24-year-old center Adam Goudet, bringing the number of “NHL” forwards on payroll to 16.

The two-way, free-agent deal pays him N 800,000 in the NHL, 000 800,000 in the minors, and 000 200,000 in the payroll- cap bookkeepers on listing Havriluk as a non-roster player. If he were on the NHL list, Goudett, 24, would one year, after accepting a one-way deal for 50,000 950,000, the Conox cap space would be reduced to 8,000 248,000.

At the start of next season, Conax needs several salaries in that range to get the $ 81.5 million limit. But to help the team financially, Havriluk must be able to help on the ice.

He’s only a bargain if he plays for the Conks, and since the Florida Panthers made two picks into the second round in 2018, the fighting depth from Roblin, Man has just logged 68 NHL games ahead.

The best stretch of 11 came at the end of last season after Ottawa senators mentioned an amnesty from Florida on February 17th.

His two goals and seven points – and 33 hits – were not enough for the senators to extend the HaveriLook qualifying offer, but the promise previously seen in former Brandon Brown King was enough for Canucks to see General Manager Jim Benning again in the 2018 draft.

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After it showed Benning’s first draft Howrelook in a combination of Connex and pre-draft, Vancouver rated him well. But before the Cancs second round pick the Panthers picked him four spots, and Benning chose goalie Thatcher Demco.

Since then Demco’s progress to become an NHL starter has been very consistent and straightforward. The Haverilook route is similar to the Sea-to-Sky Highway – with all turns and elevation changes.

But what has benefited Demco now is that Havriluk must be helped: a team that trusts him.

“They have been interested in me since the beginning of my career, and they have expressed it throughout,” Havriluk told reporters in a video call. “Getting there was a big thing for me: they wanted me there and they saw that potential in me.

“It’s a journey, and not every journey is a straight line. There have been ups and downs and I have definitely had some ups and downs in my career. I can’t just sit here and tell you. I feel like I’m at a stage in my life right now, where my game is the best it has ever been, and it continues to improve. ”

With his modest win in Ottawa, he averages 13 minutes of play time at night, and Havriluk should be excited by the end of the season. Instead, he felt terror. He was one of five senators – and the first NHL player to speak publicly about it – signing COVID-19 on a road trip to California before the league closed on March 12.

A month later, Havriluk, who was detained at his parents’ home in Roblin, discussed his situation with the Winnipeg Free Press before returning to his home in Brandon.

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Said later Athletic He spoke cautiously to others about COVID.

“I want to show people that someone is more likely to get this disease,” he explained in July. “I’m a professional athlete, I train all the time, I play hockey all the time, I’m in top shape and I’m still got it. I wanted it to happen to anyone.”

Havriluk said Monday that he has fully recovered from the virus.

“Last year was definitely a crazy year,” he said.

Another unexpected bend in the road.

“I will always believe in myself,” Havriluk said. “I think you have to believe in yourself to be successful in everything you do. I still have that confidence.

“I don’t think I’ve reached my potential at all. I’m still young and I have a lot left in me. I’m looking to show it.”

Before splitting 26 games last year between Ottawa and Florida, he was often a healthy scratch, having played 148 games in the minors in the previous three seasons. Two seasons after his draft year, Brandon scored 47 goals, 106 points and 101 penalty minutes in 58 games at the five-foot-11 right-shot center junior.

Conak coach Travis Green coached Havriluk during the Western League player’s rookie season.

“They saw the potential in me,” Havriluk said of Conkes. “They have a great coach; He’s playing the style of game I bring. I thought it was the perfect fit and I’m glad to play somewhere. ”

Former Hobby Baker Trophy winner Goudett, who scored 12 goals and 33 points in 59 games for Connex in his second NHL season, spoke to the media on Tuesday.

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