March 20, 2023

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Adele’s friend Alan Carr responded to her weight loss

Adele's friend Alan Carr responded to her weight loss

“If you’re worried about the size knickers she wears you would have missed the point.”

These days every time Adele posts a photo on Instagram, the internet goes into a total frenzy of hers in recent times Weight loss.

I mean, seriously, the singer can no longer post a single photo without making headlines like:

Well, British comedian Alan Carr, very close to Adele, recently gave one Interview On the UK talk show Lorraine. By the end of the conversation, he was asked about Adele’s weight loss – and he had a strong message for people who would address it.

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“The only thing we’re talking about right now is her weight loss,” said host Christine Lampard. “It really makes me a little angry, because we forget her huge, amazing singing talent. But every time she posts a picture it makes headline news.”

“I know. I know,” Alan responded. “I think she is As always It was so beautiful with those eyes and those lips. “

Alan then said that people who are passionate about Adele weight completely “missed the point”.

“With Adele, you missed the point if you’re worried about the size knickers she’s wearing. ‘That’s the reason for the tone.

And he joked that fans should only start caring for Adele Voice Gets “thin” – but please leave her body out of the conversation.

“It’s all about the voice to me,” he concluded.

Alan and Adele are actually very close – Adele is literally so close His wedding was officially held Two years ago. “I got married to two of my best friends in January,” Adele shared on Instagram at the time.

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