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Mike McMahon explains why ‘Lower Decks’ have so many Star Trek references; Plans to go beyond TNG on the S2 –

Mike McMahon explains why 'Lower Decks' have so many Star Trek references;  Plans to go beyond TNG on the S2 -

The first season of Star Trek wrapped up earlier this month for adult animated comedy and will work on a second season Bottom decks Already underway. Now the creator and showrunner are reflecting on that first season‌ and are releasing a few more hints about where the show will go.

Trek references in the Lower Dex are related to global architecture

One of the interesting panels that took place last weekend Virtual Trek Con2 Is with Star Trek: Lower Dex Executive Producer Mike McMahon. The panel covered many aspects of the show and his rise through the ranks from the top of the PA South Park To become a showrunner Rick and Morty.

McMahon is a super fan of Star Trek and talks about how important it is for him to be confident to his fellow fans while doing the new trek:

You do not want to betray anyone, but you need to do something new. Deep space nine Made new, Voyager Made new, Enterprise Each of these new shows will do something new. It always is, are you doing something new without betraying Star Trek-Ishnes? For me, Bottom decks Does not betray Star Trek. We bend the Star Trek rules. We are clearly comedy, but at its heart, this show is Star Trek; Everything from design choices to music to the words the characters say.

One way Bottom decks Star Trek is connected to the universe, with many references to the franchise, something Trek Movie analyzed for each episode. During his solo panel, McMahon explained why references were important in the show:

“Wow, there are a lot of references in this show,” many of us said. Some people misunderstand and we think the hints are funny. We don’t think the hints are funny. We feel like criminals away by doing the Star Trek show. And the lower decks are huge fans of all this stuff that happens on Starfleet. They learn about it at the academy. They read the logs. And the show is a celebration of all Star Trek content, with its characters and audience watching and the boys writing. ‘Oh crap, we did, we got the Star Trek show. Enjoy as much as possible. ‘All these references to us, it is a world structure. These are animated, two dimensional characters. How could they not be so excited about Gorn? If they knew everything about this ship, they would know everything about Starfleet.

However, McMahon acknowledged that there were some suggestions that meta:

I think they bent the rule for once, I think it’s really funny – and most people don’t think it ‘funny – the characters here refer to the events in Starfleet with the episode names in the other series. So, there is a character like “I am half Rascal” from the “Rascals” episode. But for me it’s kind of like, people can put a title to their logs. Or it could be the subject mentioned. Looks like you can make episode titles digital, because Star Trek fans love their titles.

The Mariner cleans the holodeck in a “moisture vessel”

Expanding beyond TNG for season two

McMahon said he “lives TNG and breathes hesitantly”, so he focused on most of the show. Star Trek: Next Generation, But also built a base for immersion in shows like the DS9:

When I discovered I created a new Starfleet ship in 2380 and had to use some visual dictionary of that era and that kind of story, my first inclination was, ‘What is my TNG ship?’ Deep space nine Complicated. TNG should say: ‘This is the new Star Trek, not TOS,’ but the contents are clear. Deep space nine This is a completely different matter, not even at the Federation station. It’s really cool, but you can not get it without TNG.

So the elements of milk are the kind that I build seritos around. That being said … we are constantly in the writers room about how to reach Deep Space Nine. What makes sense? We’re looking for a flashback this season. I think Mariner loves quark. They shine and wake up somewhere and have to find their keys. There are whole movies about other people దిరి like Quark and Mariner trying to go to White Castle. Or Dude where is my car-Ing. I think they are Simptico.

McMahon talks about how they want TNG to move without making “great wins” in season two:

We also wrote season two and we are working on it Bottom decks. The first season was like we were playing hits. Let’s do our trial episode. Let’s do our version of the movie. Let’s plague the ship. Let’s consider all of these things that I like as a familiar area The next generation Stories. But in the second season we start the bridge Deep space nine-Various stories and Voyager-Ty kinds of stories and the like Enterprise-Kind story.

The DS9 station briefly appears in the flashback of “Cupid’s Arrow Arrow”

See full panel

Together with Virtual Trek Con Rule 7 Podcast, co-hosted by Ryan Husk and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Actor Sirok Loften (Jake Cisco). See full Bottom decks Panel here.

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