May 20, 2022

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Trump, Biden Square off in the final election debate tonight

Trump, Biden Square off in the final election debate tonight

With just 12 days to go before the election, US President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden are set to hold a final debate on Thursday night.

Two people in Nashville, Tenny, before discussing their last national forum to explain completely different visions for a country in the grip of a growing epidemic that has killed more than 225,000 Americans and cost millions of jobs. Despite the historical confusion, the race has not changed much as Biden has advantages in many battlefield states, but Trump is facing a shortage of campaign cash and especially time.

Fearing that Trump would lose the White House and cost the Senate to Republicans, some advisers called for his aggressive behavior to be traded for a low-key style from the first debate and focused on Biden, calling him a “sleepy joe.” But Trump did not make such a promise.

Biden, who has been out of the campaign trail for several days in favor of debate preparation, hopes Trump will be seriously personal. The former vice president and his inner circle see the president’s policy primarily as an attempt to distance himself from the coronavirus, its economic collapse and other crises during Trump’s tenure.

“I hope he plays according to the rules,” Biden said as he boarded his plane for Tennessee. “I’m looking forward to this.”

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Former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has said he hopes President Donald Trump will act in their final debate before the November 3 election. 1:08

Final negotiations often play an external role in election results. But Thursday night’s showdown is different from the past.

More than 42 million people have already cast their ballots as part of the rise in the pre-voting pandemic era. In the presidential presidential election, the number of undecided voters was much lower than in 2016. And, in a visual reminder of the pandemic that rewrote the rules of American society and fundamentally changed the propaganda, Plexiglas sheets were installed as a platform between two people.

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Opponents are muted

The debate, moderated by NBC’s Kristen Welker, was the last chance for each man to tell his case to a television audience with tens of millions of voters. The first debate raises questions about how supporters saw Trump’s performance as a mistake that turned viewers off, and how it works in the midst of an outrageous campaign aimed at the news media and deeply personalized propaganda. Attacks on Biden and his eldest son.

In an effort to reduce disruptions this time around, the Commission on Presidential Negotiations announced that Trump and Biden will each cut off their microphones, but his opponent will give an initial answer to every six issues.

Debate Commission Chairperson Frank Forenkoff said the commission spokesman – not the moderator – would see to it that each candidate had two full minutes of uninterrupted answers to the six main points. He said a member of the Trump and Biden campaigns would oversee the person controlling the mute button behind the scenes, and the button would not be used for more than the first four minutes of each item.

When he seems to be in the corner, Trump is often hit, as negative as possible. In a remarkable moment during the 2016 campaign, Trump held a pre-discussion press conference with Hillary Clinton in an attempt to avoid the release of the Access Hollywood tape that boasted about capturing women, during which he appeared with women who accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment. He then invited them to see him as a member of the audience.

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Trump, who is trying to make another comeback in the last days of his campaign, is using the presidency to attack his opponent.

Both are negative test

On Tuesday, he called on Attorney General William Bar‌ to immediately launch an unconfirmed investigation into Biden and his son Hunter, effectively urging the Justice Department to drown out its political rival and withdraw its historic resistance to run in the election.

In a CBS interview released on Thursday, Biden could also be asked questions about his remarks, in which he did not rule out an attempt to add judges to the Supreme Court. The matter has been following him since September 18 to confirm the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Judge Amy Connie Barrett, a Republican-controlled Senate Trump nominee.

As for the Biden family, Trump has been promoting an unconfirmed New York Post report since last week in which an official from the Ukrainian gas company Burisma, Hunter Biden, who served on the company board, thanked him for arranging to meet him. Joe Biden during the 2015 Washington tour.

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As time went on in the election campaign, Donald Trump and Joe Biden made their closing pitches for the American people. 0:00

The Biden campaign denied the mistake Trump made and said the Biden schedule did not show a meeting with a Burisma official.

Both Biden and Trump were tested for COVID-19 on Thursday and the results were negative.

Trump announced two days after the first debate that he had tested positive for the virus. He later spent three nights at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before returning to the White House.

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Trump’s three-day hospital stay with one-two punches of the first presidential debate and COVID-19 eroded his support and provoked an alarm among Republicans for fear of slipping into the White House and Senate.

The discussion committee said that only 200 people would be in the arena, including the invited guests and the discussion commission, students, the commission’s production team, security and health and safety staff. Audience members sit in line with physical distance recommendations; Many empty seats separate each person or small group.

All spectators and support staff are required to onsite the coronavirus test within three days of the event. They wore colored wrist bands as evidence of their negative tests

Following Trump’s COVID-19 confirmation, the Debate Commission ruled last week that the second debate was virtual. Trump broke down, instead of two people holding town halls and talking 1,600 kilometers apart at the same time.

While Trump complained that he was being treated unfairly, he posted his own unedited footage on Facebook 60 minutes Interview, where he repeatedly challenged Biden with CBS interviewer Leslie Stahl.

When asked about his character of the economy before the epidemic, Trump told Stall that “you will not tell Biden what you just told me.” “If he had it, you would never say that with Biden.”

After posting the video, Trump tweeted: “Tonight’s anchor Kristen Welker is so bad! #MAGA.”

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