March 21, 2023

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Who voted tonight? Final 3 Revealed – Big Brother Network

Julie Chen on Big Brother 22

It was removal night Big Brother22 Again we were on the block during Christmas, but this time she was against Nicole and got a veto decision on the way to Final 3. Do you know who is knocking on the door next door? Well, you’re probably right, but let’s do it formally yet.

Just one vote, and then we go down to three HGs and less than a week left in the game End of season next Wednesday. We’re almost done it, be a strong fellow fan!

Don’t miss this week’s deletion episode! You can Live on all access of CBS In most markets across the US you don’t have to have fun even if you run out tonight.

Big Brother episodes appear on CBS All Access

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 11 Veto Meeting:

  • Cody decides… Be sure not to use veto!

Without a veto route, there is only one thing left to do and it is to send another HG out the door to join the jury.

Big Brother 22 Results – Week 11 Vote:

  • Chicken votes to remove: Christmas

By a single vote, Christmas Abbott Removed from Big Brother House.

Meet your Final 3 with Cody, Enzo and Nicole for BB22.

There is no teaser look at the next comp, the first round of the final HOH, which is a three-part challenge in the Round One competition with all the HGs, where the losers face in round two and the first two winners head to the rounds next Wednesday on the live show. That winner eliminates the final HOH of the season, one HG, and the other two stand before the jury to hear their decision. No stress, HGs!

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Julie also announced that you can do it now Vote for Big Brother 22 Favorite House Guest! The official vote is open Our poll So be sure to do both every day.

After the show, we go back Live feeds To watch Spoilers For the winner of the first round of the final HOH. Hold on Free effort And join us there now!

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