December 9, 2023

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Apple delivers new hot display removal machine for iPhone 12 repairs

Apple delivers new hot display removal machine for iPhone 12 repairs

According to information obtained by Macroomers from a trusted source, Apple is offering a new heated display removal fixture for Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro repairs.

To open the iPhone 12 models, technicians need to slide the device into a special tray, and then place the tray in a high-temperature fixture for two minutes to warm up the ones sticking to the bottom of the display. If the adhesive is loose, technicians can remove the display by twisting the arm with the suction cup on top of the machine.

It is unclear why Apple will use the heat to remove the display on the iPhone 12 models, but having a new flat-edge design with the devices will flush the frame with the display. The iPhone 12 models also have IP68-rated water resistance up to a depth of six meters, which means the devices have stronger adhesive.

Apple’s standard display removal tool for previous – generation iPhones is relatively basic arm with suction cup, no heat.

It is given The teardowns of the iPhone 12 models have already come out Online, it is clearly possible to unlock devices without using Apple’s new heated fixture, but this requires genius bars and Apple authorized service providers.

Apple recently revealed its External warranty repair price For the iPhone 12 models, the rechargeable battery is $ 69 for the battery and 9 279 for the screen repair. For all other damages such as cracked rear glass, repair fee for iPhone 12 to 9449 and for iPhone 12 Pro 9 549. To get service, visit Get the support page On Apple’s website.

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Update: In response to this news, Macroomers received the following statement from Kyle Vines, founder of the electronics website “iPhone owners should be able to repair their own phones. If they need a fixture to repair a new iPhone design, Apple should sell it to their customers.”

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