July 5, 2022

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Presidential Debate: Melania Trump’s ‘Cold’ Potus Reunion Leads to Twitter FURY – ‘Awkward!’ | World | News

Presidential Debate: Melania Trump's 'Cold' Potus Reunion Leads to Twitter FURY - 'Awkward!'  |  World |  News

The president and Joe Biden clashed in the final presidential debate ahead of the Nov. 3 election tonight. At the end of the event, First Lady and Jill Biden both came on stage to meet their husbands. But on social media Mrs. Trump seemed to be “cold” towards the president late in the evening.

Twitter users said Ms Trump snatched her hand from the president after the photos were taken.

One customer said: “And remove his hand from Melania once again faster than the hot burner.”

Another said: “Melania did not leave her husband as an uncomfortable colleague.”

One customer disagreed with Ms. Trump over Mrs. Biden and said: “Jill goes straight to hugging Joan, but Melania is reluctant to approach Donald Trump, so she’s not sure she’s around if he wins.”

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Contrary to the financial difficulties discussed in the debate, there was a further social media response to the identification of Mrs. Trump’s outfit.

One said: “At the end of the debate, Melania Trump walked on stage wearing a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, which cost more Americans a week.”

Another compared the wives of presidential candidates and said: “The only reason Trump and Melania do not embrace each other is because the former is full of hatred.

“Biden and his wife are the epitome of love and kindness.”

Ms Trump’s relationship with the president has been criticized by onlookers in the past, with First Lady refusing to hold Mr. Trump’s hand in public.

Body language expert Patti Wood told the Daily Mail that she wanted to see Trump as an “alpha male” and that she was not fond of Ms Trump because of this.

She added: “He does not want to do this in public. She is so clear, she wants to do so.

“It connects her and gives her some energy and confidence and he says ‘no, not openly’.”

Ms Trump’s show marked the first public outing since she caught a coronavirus with her husband earlier this month.

The First Lady was outraged online after attending a discussion two days ago after canceling a campaign on a “chronic cough” from the virus.

Mrs. Trump Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham says First Lacey will not attend Wednesday Rally in Erie, Pennsylvania “with great caution”.

The first lady appeared to be wearing a face mask throughout the discussion and was away from everyone except her husband.

Ms Trump recently told everyone about her fight with the coronavirus and revealed that her son Baron Trump also caught the virus.

She wrote: “Fortunately he was a strong young man and did not exhibit traits.

“In a way I’m glad the three of us went at the same time, so we could take care of each other and spend time together.

“He has since tested negative (…) I feel unfamiliar with being a patient instead of someone trying to promote our country to be healthy and safe.”

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