June 7, 2023

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Prosecutors say California is trying to get DA Scott Peterson back on death row

Prosecutors say California is trying to get DA Scott Peterson back on death row

Scott Peterson returns to Stanislas, Caliph., The court – though virtually – for the first time in more than a decade on Friday to hear about him Murder Believe In Death His wife, Lacy and their unborn son.

Peterson, 47, wore a blue top and a blue face mask for a PT court appearance at 8:30 a.m. in Stanislas County Superior Court, where prosecutors said Peterson should try the death penalty stage again. Peterson attended from San Quentin State Jail, but did not speak throughout the trial.

In addition to the death sentence, Peterson’s legal representation at Friday’s hearing was addressed to the agency. During the trial, his former co-counsel Pat Harris represented him. Harris said Friday he will represent Peterson as a private lawyer.

The trial was adjourned until November 6.

Scott Peterson back in court after convocation reconsideration

On Oct. 14, the California Supreme Court ordered Peterson to reconsider his sentence to determine whether to accept a new trial. In August, the Supreme Court overturned Peterson’s death sentence, citing “significant flaws” in the jury selection process.

One of the prosecutors in Peterson’s 2004 case, Stanislas District Attorney Birgit Fladager and Chief Deputy District Attorney Dave Harris also attended the hearing.

On Friday, just before Peterson’s appearance, his brother – in – law Johnny Peterson told Fox News that justice was “very important” for Lacy and Connor.

“Scott is as big as a tragedy in execution. In the end we still have no justice for Lacy and Connors,” she said. “Their murder has not been solved. Our goal is not only to free Scott, but to solve the crime.”

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Mark Geragos, who represented Peterson at the trial, told Fox News on Thursday that he was “not surprised” that the case had been sent back to San Matio for review.

“I always thought he would get some relief at some point, and now I’m glad to see that happen,” he said before the hearing.

Peterson was convicted in 2004 of murdering Lacy Peterson, 27, and their unborn son, Connor. Lacy was eight months pregnant when she died.

In 2003, Stanislas prosecutors committed double homicide on Peterson, but the case was later moved to San Mateo County, about 90 miles from the couple’s Central Valley home in Modesto. Investigators took the bodies from Peterson’s Modesto home and unloaded them from his fishing boat into San Francisco Bay, where they escaped months later.

He continued his innocence.

Scott Peterson’s family responds to his case, reapplied by California Supreme Court

The judge called for a retrial after the court found her guilty of “biased misconduct” for failing to disclose that she was involved in other legal acts. According to authorities, the judge, Richel Nice, filed a lawsuit in 2000 after his boyfriend abused his ex-girlfriend while she was pregnant.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.