May 23, 2022

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[VIDEO] ‘It’s Us’ Season 5: Kevin tells Kate Madison Pregnant

[VIDEO] 'It's Us' Season 5: Kevin tells Kate Madison Pregnant

There are a few moments in this new sneak peek This is us‘For the upcoming season 5, Kevin is very happy that the Kovid-19 pandemic did not allow him to stay too close to his sister and brother-in-law.

The look on Kate’s face when Kevin announces Madison is pregnant and expecting his twins? It was going to “repel” for a second or two before Kate found out how she really felt about the shocking news to her brother and her best friend.

The clip from the NBC drama’s two – hour season premiere – which airs Tuesday at 9/8 C – begins with Kevin Damon arriving home and Kate quickly moving him to back up and maintain a healthy social distance from her and Toby. When the couple heard that Kevin had big news to share, Toby began to throw out expectations.

“Tell me now: you’re the new Batman,” Toby said. “Anything else? Have you started a tequila company? Did you knock someone down? ”

Kate giggled until she saw her brother’s face. And when Madison gets out of the car and Kevin announces he has twins, Kate seems to miss her meal right there on the lawn వరకు until she suddenly smiles, feeling okay with the major life development. Air hugs around!

Click Play in the video above to watch Sneak Peek, and then hit the comments with your expectations for the upcoming season This is us.

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