July 3, 2022

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Alas, Prince Philip “walked away” from Prince Harry.

Alas, Prince Philip "walked away" from Prince Harry.

From Mary Claire

  • Prince Philip “walked away” from Prince Harry after he felt his advice had fallen on “deaf ears”.
  • Harry Behavior (aka Resignation from royal duties) “Completely alien to him.”

Prince Harry’s tensions with the royal family extended to his grandfather, Prince Philip, who could not get it. Why Harry resigned from royal duties And moved to the United States.

“Philip could not understand how Harry behaved,” says author Ingrid Seward Vanity Fair. “His grandson’s behavior was completely alien to him so he did not experience an unnatural relationship. Do not forget, it’s a great shock to the 100 – year – old who has dedicated 68 years of his life in support of the monarchy. That fact must be taken into account. ”

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Seward said Philip “walked away” from the situation because his advice fell “deaf ears.”

“Philip’s way is to say his bit, and then get back out of the situation because he doesn’t want to interfere,” she explains. “It’s up to Harry and Meghan to hear, but they did not and Philip is always very protective of the Queen, so if anyone disturbs her they will upset him too. His mantra is that the monarchy is first, second and third. Remember that competition is not won, that everyone works together for the good of the monarchy’s organization.

Oh, FYI, apparently welcomed Philip Meghan at the beginning because he “knew how to be an outsider”, but the Sussex actions left a bad taste and consequently damaged the relationship with Harry. “

Like … did all that Harry did go to the States? There is no reason to end the whole grandson-grandfather relationship!

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