December 1, 2022

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Washington Post: Trump privately tells donors it will be ‘tough’ for Republicans to keep Senate

Washington Post: Trump privately tells donors it will be 'tough' for Republicans to keep Senate

“I think the Senate is actually tough. The Senate is very tough,” Trump said, sharing the president’s comments on the anonymous situation with the post. “There are a couple senators I really can not participate in. I can not do this. If you do, you will lose your soul. I can not help some of them. I do not want to help some of them.”

Trump made the remarks at a closed-door meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, before the last presidential debate, saying, according to the post, that he thinks the GOP will “take back the House.”

Jesse Hunt, a spokeswoman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, has pushed back the notion that some Senate Republicans do not support Trump, according to Trump.

“The Republican-led Senate and President Trump have had a great partnership for the past four years, and the Chamber is ready to confirm a third Trump Supreme Court nominee in the coming days,” Hunt said Saturday.

Many influential Republicans have called on him to abruptly change his tactics in the last two weeks to zero-in on the financial message, to stop showing the coronavirus epidemic and to stop attacking his public health professionals. Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Meanwhile, Trump’s standing in the election has intimidated some Republicans who are struggling to retain their 53-47 Senate majority because the chances of Democrats taking seats continue to rise.

The president is sometimes not interested in protecting his own party members. In Maine, Trump went after the endangered GOP sen. Susan Collins did not say whether she would support the presidential election, but told the Supreme Court she would oppose Amy Connie Barrett’s nomination because the confirmation vote is coming forward. Against the election.

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