May 21, 2022

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Bly manor chasing behind-the-scenes photos

Bly manor chasing behind-the-scenes photos

This post is basically what I call dementor “radicals” Hunting of Bly Manor.

The Haunting of Bly Manor Came out two weeks ago … and honestly, I haven’t been the same since.


It was amazing and heartbreaking, but mostly horrible.

I had a huge scary cat (but I loved it Hill House, So I could see it!), So this show honestly gave me a nightmare.

But it is important to remember that this is just a (well-acted) TV show. To prove it, here are 21 behind-the-scenes photos of the cast having goofing and having a great time!


This photo of Amelia Eve (played by Jamie) and Rahul Kohli (played by Owen) reminds us that they are really good actors:


This hilarious video of Tinea Miller (played by Hannah) dancing and singing “Don’t Cha” while wearing corpse makeup.


Amelia, Rahul, Tinea, and Tahira Sharif (played by Rebecca) have the best time in the kitchen:


Filming or partying this photo of the same staff – I can’t say, but they look happy:


These super-beautiful photos of Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (played by Miles) and Amelie B. Smith (played by Flora) actually look once happy:


I think they could be BFFs:


Like, seriously! Looks like they did it all together:


This hilarious photo of Rahul and Lady of the Lake (played by Daniela Dib) removes the creepyness of demons a bit:


And this photo posted her in the guise of a ghost dancing Amelia:


These photos from Rebecca’s last day, including her descent into the lake:


These photos of the gang making the escape room together:


And these photos of holidaymakers:


These photos of Benjamin and Amelie with Victoria Pedretti (played by Danny) show that there are no harsh feelings:


These adorable polaroids prove that Jamie and Danny got that drink:


These behind-the-scenes photos remind us that these are just ACTORS in a set and not real people in a haunted house:


This super-cute photo of Amelia, Victoria and Rahul came together on screen, proving that they are similar to their on-screen characters:


These photos of Tinea, Amelia and Benjamin prove that the set is dark and blurry:


And this Absolutely amazing Photo of Amelie outside her dressing room!


This amazing video of Tinea and Victoria singing and dancing to “Come on Eileen” on the party bus:


This selfie of two of the breakout stars Rahul and Benjamin:


Finally, this amazing photo of Carla Gugino with her beautiful hair for the role:

Look – not so scary now, right? I hope it helps me sleep here tonight.

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