Dave Batista called President Donald Trump a “bully with lies and empty promises” on his Instagram on Sunday. Actor Joe Biden was approved as president within two weeks of the election.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images

“We do not need a bully with lies and empty promises. We need a strict American public servant with a plan,” he wrote.

He continued in a video post: “It is very easy for people to lie. It is easy to intimidate people. It does not make you a tough person. It’s easy to tell anyone what they want to hear. It is not so easy to tell anyone what they need to hear. We are not in a good position, but this is where we get out of it. That’s tough. This country, most of all right now, needs someone who has a plan so we can track back. A leader is someone who can unite people and take responsibility. That is stubbornness. That’s Joe Biden. ”

Batista as Drakes the Destroyer in Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy, The latest of many MCU actors to approve a Democratic candidate.

Be sure to go out and vote on November 3rd.