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How to Find Liben’s Location to Get Box O ‘Marvels for the Marvelous Merchandise Event – HITC

How to Find Liben's Location to Get Box O 'Marvels for the Marvelous Merchandise Event - HITC

Jenshin Impact is currently one of the most popular games and The developers recently responded to player feedback In Q&A to share how they are going to continue the game even better. Although there is much to look forward to in the near future with version 1.1 planned for November, there is currently a Marvelous Merchandise event that will work players in finding Liben‌. Here you will find how and where to find Liben’s location for the first day of the Marvelous Merchandise event, so you can get Box O ‘Marvels.

As mentioned earlier, there are many plans for Jenshin Impact in the near future. According to MiHoYo’s roadmap, the latest version 1.1 update is currently planned for November, while the ability to unlock the DragonSpine area is currently only scheduled for two days before Christmas.

If the aforementioned scenarios are awaited, however, you will find below how and where to find Liben’s location to get box o ‘Marvels’ during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

Genshin Impact Marvelous Merchandise Event

The A wonderful merchandise event for Jenshin Impact Starting October 26th.

With the start of the Marvelous Merchandise event for Gene Shine Impact, fans should know that it ends on November 2nd.

You need at least 12 adventure ranks to qualify, and the highlight of the event is a character named Liben.

This character is someone, he is a merchant, he needs a certain number of specific materials to give you a box o ‘Marvels as a gift.

He gives the opportunity to open seven different boxes and each prize can be won only once.

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The developers warned that the boxes would lose unused opportunities to open a Marvel after the event. They are therefore urging players to use their opportunities to claim rewards on offer.

Where to find Liben in Jenshin Impact

On the first day of the Marvelous Merchandise event for Geneshine Impact you will find Liben’s location in Mondstadt.

Wherever you are in Mondstadst, you will find Liben’s location in Genesin Impact near Flora’s flower shop.

His name appears above him, and you will be instantly recognizable by his outrageous appearance, which is accompanied by pur da colored dresses and black hair with shades.

Where you can find this dealer, his location will change but you will be able to find him through the game forecast of the event.

To get a game-hint of where to find Liben in Geneshine Impact, all you have to do is go to the event overview and leave it open where Clooney says to find it.

The clue of the first day was “rumor that people saw him showing an odd person inside Mond‌stadt”.

Once you find Liben, his essential ingredients and some amount will change, but one day it will be ten mushrooms, which can be easily found in the wild.

After you give him the mushrooms, you can choose between seven different Marvel O ‘boxes to get some prizes.

In other news, GeneShine Impact: How to find Liben’s place to get Box O ‘Marvels’ for Marvelous Merchandise event?

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