December 3, 2022

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Christina Lake doubles crop of marijuana pots – BC News

Christina Lake doubles crop of marijuana pots - BC News

Big year for marijuana farming

COVID-19 did not undermine the Christina Lake Cannabis Corporation.

The federal-licensed grower said it exceeded its first annual marijuana production estimate of 44.4 percent.

Mature plants grow to a height of 10 feet and the average of each cannabis plant harvested is 1.5 kg, with some plants more than 3.2 kg. The company’s experienced master Grover team with 100 years of US experience is responsible for this success.

“With the help of our region’s trusted climate team with the help of our experienced Master Grover team, the 2020 crop has exceeded our expectations for both quantity and quality of crop production,” said Joel Dumaresk, CEO and Director of Lake Christina.

“This puts CLC in a position to move forward immediately with extraction and sales, and has developed our 2021 plans to expand our additional 99 acres of land adjacent to our current 32 acres of footprint.”

Christina Lakes Cannabis was first launched under Health Canada’s Medical Licensing Program. Dumaresk said the climate in BC, especially in Lake Christina, is ideal for marijuana production.

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