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I loved the design of the PlayStation 5 – until I saw it in my house

I loved the design of the PlayStation 5 - until I saw it in my house

The time has finally come: we will be able to check out the first hands of the PlayStation 5 and see how it looks in the wild. And as a strong defender of the form factor pre-release of this console, looking at my home చేసింది changed my mind.

I’m on the record for calling the PS5 “Gorgeous”When I first saw the pictures of it. I was really tired with consoles that looked like interchangeable black boxes and thought the curved texture of the white panels was refreshing. I still think the color – or lack thereof, I think – is definitely attractive, and I’m looking forward to many customized versions of the side panels in many colors. Not even Console teardown That opinion restrained me.

Part of the problem – too Large Part – The console is obscenely large. I really don’t think looking at promotional images will prepare you for what this thing is. I was lucky enough to receive the PS5 from Sony before its release, and I’m playing console hot potato with my TV’s three HDMI slots to set it up (sorry, y u). Hold my surprise when the thing I took out of the box was big enough to serve a Thanksgiving dish. I used my hand for the scale and took a quick picture with my phone.

Yet, somehow, the size of this console does not really do justice. In fact, if anything, I would Play less Scale. Here is a picture of it next to the docked switch. (I apologize to readers for my terrible cable handling; I had to do some reorganization in a hurry.)

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If that doesn’t fit, here’s a picture from below – you can see my ple da son Spyro holding a dualSense controller. I turned on the flash for a dramatic effect and it tickled the bottom of my wall-mounted Samsung TV to show that the console was too long when mounted vertically. Imagine being deceived in front of my entertainment deck at 9am on a dark, rainy day. Unit It attacked my shelf.

Yes, what looks elegant and fresh in promotional films can look very big and awkward in real life. I do not have a large entertainment deck – instead I have five consoles (currently six) on a small shelf. It was always good for me until this elephant came along and squatted in the living room.

Don’t get me wrong – PS5 looks like damn fine of engineering in every other way. If you want to keep the console vertical the base with the hidden screw for mounting has all the appeals of a Chinese puzzle box. And I will not lie – I like how strange it is compared to other consoles, especially the switch. This makes all other consoles visible Beautiful By comparison, and I still like how bold the looks of these rings are.

But still, this thing is bad. I have a feeling that I will have to find a way to get this thing across if it ever fits – literally and figuratively – with my consoles. I had it all with the white router ర, I thought it would be about the size తెలుసా You know, the router. But now that it has proven to be the same height as the original ivory tower, I have to admit I am not in love.

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The console will launch on November 12th. I’m curious if some of you have a different opinion on the size and shape of the console. Leave me a line on Twitter (Rachelcaser) And let me know.

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Published October 28, 2020 – 00:46 UTC