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The female spends K 120K for body changes to morph into the ‘Blue Eyes White Dragon’

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - MAY 28, 2020: AMBER LUKE, 25, from Brisbane, Australia has 600 tattoos covering her face and body. She first filmed with Truly last year, revealing her blue tattooed eyes which blinded her for three weeks. Since then, she has continued to add to her collection with stretched ear lobes, more tattoos, and plans to get a Brazilian Butt Lift. Her journey into body modification began when she was diagnosed with severe clinical depression at 16-years-old. She explained the reasons behind her extreme look to Truly: "I know it sounds very materialistic that I want to change myself but imagine hating yourself so much that you couldn't even look in a mirror or step outside your house. It was just, it was a horrific way to live." Amber has now spent $50,000 on tattoos, and $70,000 overall on body modifications. She joked that the high cost makes her mum cry, but Amber doesn't "plan on stopping anytime soon". Her next procedure will be a Brazilian Butt Lift, which she has gained 10 kilos for, as the fat will be injected into her butt. She said: "A lot of people will give me scrutiny for this because, you know, 'Why not just go to the gym'?" Amber continued: "I'm lazy, I'd rather pay the 15 grand." Now she feels much more content and has been with her partner Sam for six months. "He is absolutely amazing," she said. "There's not anything that I do or say that scares him away." PHOTOGRAPH BY Joshua Maguire / Barcroft Studios / Future Publishing - NOTE: This Photo Can Only Be Used Within Context With The Information Provided In The Metadata (Photo credit should read Joshua Maguire/Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

The heavily tattooed Australian woman described herself as a “blue-eyed white dragon” on Instagram to morph herself from a copper-haired teenager through $ 120,000 worth of body changes.

Amber Luca, 25, recently shared a selfie on her Instagram story titled “Body Change is the Final Form of Self-Expression.” She also has a section Instagram account Dedicated before and after photos of her surgeries, including breast augmentation and butt enhancements.

Among other things, Luke has a split tongue, lip tattoo, measured ears, tattoos on almost every part of her body, and even a sclera (whites in her eyes) tattooed in blue.

On Instagram, Luca shared photos of her earlier transformation, saying she was “catatonically depressed, suicidal and a walking dead girl”. She added, “I was blunt. I hated myself [the] Most of the time – that hatred ran deep. It tortured me. ”

Now, Luke writes, “She completely changed me into someone [I’m] Is proud. I am a strong woman who wants and knows exactly who she is. ”

Luke, who declined to comment on Yahoo Life, has 47,500 followers on Instagram, including fans who regularly fill comments on her posts with fire emojis. “Amazing you work of art!” Wrote one Recent post. “Mega epic creature,” said another.

Luke shared in a recent Instagram story post that she has spent 000 120,000 so far for body changes. And, although she does not indicate if she wants to do more, she regularly updates her posts with new tattoo photos.

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But, as body changes become popular in some circles, experts warn that they are dangerous to your health.

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“Surgery is a challenge for patients’ health,” Dr Edward S. Lee, an associate professor of surgery at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, told Yahoo Life. “We run a big body shape operation like completing the breasts with a marathon. You need many months to recover. ”

Every surgery comes with a risk of complications including infection, Lee says, and it’s even more so when someone does the procedures regularly. “If you do things like getting a tattoo and putting on breast implants, and you only empty them a little bit, you put yourself at a slightly higher risk of infection,” Lee said.

Amber Luca completed her first tattoo at the age of 16 and it seemed to release a negative energy to her. Since then she has not stopped and has recently started getting body changes like breast augmentation and is planning a Brazilian butt lift. (Dean Swindle / Barrcraft Media / Barrcraft Media via Getty Images)

Lee is especially wary of drastic body changes such as splitting the tongue. Aesthetics and side work, “People who do this are not usually licensed practitioners. The ingredients you use are questionable in relation to infertility. Also, the tongue bleeds a lot, ”Lee said.

Tattoos also carry the risk of infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis C, if they are not done in a clean environment, Dr. Gary Goldenberg, Assistant Clinical Professor at the Icon School of Medicine in Mount Sinai, New York, tells York City, Yahoo Life. “Other concerns are staff-like infections,” he said.

Tattoos also change, Goldenberg points out. “Some tattoos fade over time,” he says. “As the skin ages, it becomes more wrinkled and loose, altering or distorting the way the tattoo appears.

Sclera tattoos are particularly dangerous, optometrist Vivian Shibayama with UCLA Health tells Yahoo Life. “Whitening the whites in your eyes is very dangerous,” she says. “This is the thin surface of the eye called the conjunctiva, which protects the surface of the eye. It can lead to infection, perforation and blindness. Shibayama advises: “Don’t do this.”

Lee urged people interested in body changes – especially serious body changes – to think hard before diving. “These are eternal,” he said. “You can not undo the sclera tattoo.”

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