March 21, 2023

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Miro on if Lana is being punished because of his AEW promo

Miro on if Lana is being punished because of his AEW promo

After spending 10 years under the WWE umbrella Miro, formerly known as Rusev, Kip stepped into his all-elite wrestling role on September 9 when he was revealed to be the best man for Sabian. Miro soon Rocked the boat with his opening promo In it he mentions the “brass ring” that is often talked about in WWE and says “throw it at their **”.

From Miro’s fiery promo, his real life wife, Lana, who is still on contract with WWE, has been put through the tables for weeks. Many ulated that WWE ownership was booking her as punishment for Miro’s actions. Shortly after his promo aired, Miro went defensive He worried WWE is about punishing Lana and hoping they can stay professional without doing such a thing.

Miro recently took the time Talk to the ropes inside And discussed whether he felt that Lana was being punished. Although he said he was not there for those booking decisions, he mentioned that he never put her through the tables before his promo and mentioned how proud Lana was that she continued her work.

“I don’t book their shows, so I don’t know,” Miro said. “I know, she’s the toughest of them all on their list, because it’s the first time in history. And every time she comes up to F ** k and goes ahead. She does not say, ‘I do not want to do that.’ She does not sell. “

“She’s going there and doing her job, and doing her job to perfection,” Miro added. “Because you can see in that ring, when that time comes, you can see who and who is working and who is sitting in their *** total. I’m proud [Lana], Man, because she proved to be the most talented and underestimated person in the entire wrestling community. “

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Lana was regularly placed through the announcement table, and she was also selected as the fifth member Survivor Series Team.

Lana and Miro commented on their recent table bump on Twitter, which can be seen below: