June 26, 2022

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Random: Wow, the PS5 really dwarfs the switch

Random: Wow, the PS5 really dwarfs the switch

Journalists and influencers already exist Got their hands on Sony’s latest PlayStation, And yesterday we saw a flood of images of the shiny new console – what is most clearly described The perfect unit That is.

The PS5 is still the largest PlayStation in terms of size, and comfortably covers its next-generation rival Xbox Series X.. However, this is a comparison with the bold Nintendo Switch Really Hammer home how heavy this console is; IGN Putting them side by side and hitting the difference in scale.

But then Of course That is. The switch is a hybrid console based on mobile technology that can play both on the go And On your TV, so it is very clear that the PS5 is going to be one Big boy – But the fact that it’s too big is still somewhat surprising, especially when you consider that these two machines are competing for the same audience this Christmas and beyond, especially if there is a technical gulf between them (especially if there are one reports Updated switch in 2021 Are on the money).

Your experienced gamer clearly knows that the PS5 and Xbox Series X (and indeed the Series S) represent a significant generational leap beyond the switch (which is already lagging behind the PS4 and Xbox One, let’s not forget), the average punter (or parent) has very little understanding – and They may even think twice about investing in the PS5, when they realize they need to equip their IKEA TV unit, and they choose to switch to a less-powerful (but undoubtedly more versatile) alternative?

Heck, based on these photos, Nintendo submission a A lot Easy to integrate into your TV cabinet.

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