May 25, 2022

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Homeland Security officials echo Trump campaign frontier wall rhetoric ahead of election

Homeland Security officials echo Trump campaign frontier wall rhetoric ahead of election
Thursday’s press conference in McAllen, Texas, was the latest in a series of media events in which Department of Homeland Security officials criticized the administration’s successful immigration policies and covered up on them. Biden campaign Proposals.
Last week, Wolf moved to Arizona, where he was also one Complete throat protection Trump’s immigration record.

Standing next to the concrete and bollard border wall in Texas, Wolf doubled those claims Thursday, echoing the president’s border security message and saying the wall was key to it.

“Because of President Trump’s determination and vision and the dedication and hard work of the men and women of the CBP and Army Corps of Engineers, there is a multi-mile border wall system,” Wolf said of Customs and Border Protection.

Wolfe had previously traveled to the border area to highlight the construction of barriers, and he referred to those visits on Thursday, but the incident was political in nature just days before the election.

The construction of the border wall remains a signature campaign issue for Trump, who said at a rally in Arizona this week that the southern border was “the safest” in American history during his administration.

“We built almost 400 miles,” Trump said, referring to the wall on Wednesday. The administration is trying to reach 450 miles by the end of the year.

Wolf did not specify the number of miles built on Thursday, only saying it was “almost 400”. While most of the new wall construction replaced existing barriers on the southwest border, the new structure was longer (18 to 30 feet) and in most cases reinforced by surveillance systems and access points.

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Although it was only built many miles where there were no walls before, this effort will remain a lasting legacy for Trump, which will have controversy in the years to come.

The president has pushed the boundaries to achieve his wall – hiring controversial contractors, engaging himself in its aesthetics and avoiding Congress to obtain Pentagon funding, a Now move before the Supreme Court.
Wolfe praised Trump’s “vision and dedication” in pushing the construction of the walls. That focus is considered more than painting in administration 80 miles to the boundary wall In Texas, the costly action that current and former executives argue is designed to appease the president, who came forward to paint the barriers in his preferred color.

On Thursday, officers stood next to a section of wall painted black. Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said the paint is being used to detect movement behind the wall. CBP is still “in the process of figuring out where it is appropriate and where it is not,” Scott said.

Under the Trump administration, $ 15 billion was allocated for the construction of the walls, including congressional funding, as well as the rebuilt Department of Defense funding.

Despite the legal challenges, the administration was able to build the barrier at an unusually fast pace of about 400 miles and ates overtook another 50 structures by the end of the year.

Wolf addressed the political controversy on the wall Thursday.

“I understand that our critics have procedural differences regarding the construction of the border wall system,” he said. “I appreciate those concerns. Everything we have achieved is within our legal authority and the courts have proven it.”

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