May 24, 2022

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Lauren Joregui has denied dating rumors of Camila Cabello

Lauren Joregui has denied dating rumors of Camila Cabello

“It felt like a predator to me.”

When Fifth Harmony dominated the music charts, rumors began that Lauren Zouregui and Camila Cabello were attracted to each other.

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Recently, Lauren closed those claims in a podcast episode of Becky G. In the living room, Which explains why it made her “so uncomfortable”.

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“People thought Camila and I were each other. It’s very uncomfortable for me. It’s disgusting, because I’m witty, but she’s not.”

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“It’s a kind of clips that people put together, it’s like a predator to me because of the kind of stories people write …”

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“I’m always been aggressive and I’m always turning her down. I’m always been like a ‘male’ force in this scenario.”

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“It’s very uncomfortable for me, because I can not figure out how – I can not say it’s wrong to identify with it.”

Lauren said that her relationship with the “Senorita” singer was definitely platonic and that they were “very good friends” at the time.

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“We respected each other. When [we] Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. We loved each other like true friends. ”

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Growing up in Latin culture, it was natural to be affectionate with all her friends, but as those rumors spread with women she “hyper-analyzed” every connection she made.

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“It’s very uncomfortable for me. I’m, to this day, hyper – analyzing every connection I’ve had with a girl because I do not want them to think I’m looking at them that way.”

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