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Warrior 250 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates | ‘Lima vs. Mausasi’

Warrior 250 Results: Live Streaming Play-by-Play Updates |  'Lima vs. Mausasi'

Warrior 250: “Lima vs. Moussasi” will air tonight (Thursday, October 29, 2020) from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Ankasville, Conn. Vacant middleweight title welterweight champion Douglas Lima (32-7), former 185-pound kingpin, Gegard Moussasi (46-7-2) will be up for grabs.

The main card of the Warrior 250 will air on the CBS Sports Network at 8pm ET. The Lower Warrior 250 delivers the results for a full card and comprehensive play-by-play for the televised episode.

Most readers check before, during and after fights to share their thoughts on all actions. Feel free to show up (or 250) and chat with all the other maniacs during the show – it’s always a lot of fun!

BELLATOR 250 Quick results:

Douglas Lima Vs. Gegard MoussasiMousasi UD 48-47, 49-46 X2.
Brandon Girtz vs. Henry CoralsCorals SD 30-27 X2, 27-30.
Dalton vs. Rosta. You GwerderRosta UD 30-27 X3.
Saba Homasi vs. Bobby VolkerHomasi KO 0:20 R2.
Cody Law vs. Orlando OrtegaLa Sub (D’Ars Choke) 2:41 R1.
Johnny Eblen Vs. Taylor JohnsonEblen UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.
Jake Hager vs. Brandon ColtonHager SD 28-29, 29-28 X2.
Adam Borix vs. Eric SanchezBorix UD 29-28, 30-27 X2.

Warrior 250 Play-by-Play:

Douglas Lima vs. Gegard Moussasi

Welterweight champion Lima has a 32-7 record wearing blue gloves tonight. Former middleweight champion Mousasi has a red gloves and a 46-7-2 record. Lima has black American top team trunks. Moussasi has black and white venom trunks. Mausasi 35, Lima 32. Mausasi 6’2 ”, Lima 6’1”. Moussaci is 76 “Rich, Lima 74.5”. Lima fights from Atlanta, Georgia. Moussasi fights from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Our referee in charge is Don Miragliotta. Both men touched the gloves during the final instructions.

Round 1: The glove tap in the middle opens round. Moussasi moves forward and turns left outside Lima. Leg kick from Mousasi. Lima responds kindly. Mousse shoots. He gets Lima down on one knee in a flash and hangs on his back. Knees from behind. Lima warns him about catching the cage and Mousasi lowers him to his knees again with a hook. Left hooks from the back. Lima tries to defend himself with his left hand, but Moussasi keeps moving it out. Lima is standing at 2:40. Moussasi pulls him to the ground and guards the top. Left hand from the pipe. Moussasi punishes Lima by pressing his hips against her legs. Right elbow. Accidental head collision takes warning from Miragliota. Ground and pound and continue to flow above the right elbow. This is the 10-9 first round for Mousasi.

Round 2: Moussasi continues to suppress distance in the first minute. He is constantly attacking the left and the rights. Lima responds with a leg kick. He eats for body shot and misses. Mousasi eating space and descending to the left at will. Hard leg kick for Lima at 2:10. If Lima were to come forward at any moment, it would be very significant to land those kicks, but he was constantly on the defensive. 1:40 left in round two. Mousse shoots. Lima broadens its stance. He avoids withdrawal and two commercial knees. Moussasi has 36 seconds left. Kick from Mousasi. Right hand from Lima. 10-9 Mousasi.

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Round 3: The third round starts like the first two – a steady forward movement from Mousasi to Land Hands, leg kicks from Lima each time. Leg kicks don’t seem so much to the mouse. In fact he threw a high kick. Body kick from Lima at 2:00 p.m. Jab from Mausasi. Lima takes two good strikes backwards, but cannot keep control over the position in the cage. Moussasi finished third in the overall standings 63-17 with two minutes left. Left hook by Mousasi. Leg kick by Mousasi. Another. Jab. Right hand. High kick. Leg kick. A leg kick from Lima. That’s why he stepped down. Mousasi comes in at a good rate of one to five or a few times. 30 seconds. Moussasi front kick. Leg Kick Lima. 10-9 Mousasi.

4th round: Mousasi lands the first leg kick. Lima gives the body a kick. Moussasi continues to crush the distance between them, forcing Lima towards the fence. He shoots in 42 seconds and gets back to Lima. Knee and “old school” foot stamps. He throws Lima to one knee at 1:17, but Lima slips. Lima continues to attack the left leg. Left Jab lands. Left hand to mouse. Another leg kick to Lima. And another. Perhaps in this round he got more kicks land than Mousasi strikes. It also seems to be affecting Mousasi’s attitude a bit. He also kicked his right leg. The first goes 10-9 to Lima.

Round 5: Lima finally stops going backwards and actually starts supporting Mousasi, and he is effectively landing his left hand through the first 90 seconds. Lima is still attacking the lead left leg with kicks. Hard job from Lima. Another leg kick at 2:30 p.m. Mousasi is so far ahead in his attitude with that left leg, which is almost bullseye to target Lima. Moussasi shoots and gets withdrawn at 3:27. In the closing seconds Lima tried to push his feet through the fence but Moussasi had control over it. 10-9 Lima for the argument as he is coming forward and doing most of the round until withdrawal.

Final result: 48-47, 49-46 and 49-46 by unanimous decision to Gegard Moussasi.

Brandon Girtz Vs. Henry Corals

Girtz is 16-9 in red gloves and the black trunks for his Warrior move up to 145 pounds. Corals set a 17-5 record and was driven into the cage by “Diary of a Madman” by blue gloves, black trunks and gravedigge. He has the advantage of being able to reach a little inch at 70, but everything else is “virtually identical.” Corals fights from Glendale, Arizona and Girtz from Denver, Colorado. Referee Todd Anderson.

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Round 1: Glove tap works in progress. Both are trying to feel the scope, prompting Anderson to warn them to look at their fingers. Girtz goes inside and tries to explode. Both Corals and Girtz are land kicks. Girtz swings and misses with the right. Leg kick for corals. Girtz looks at him with his right hand and Corals imitates him with his left hand. Girtz 2:10 with body kick. Corals with leg kick. Both exchange leather. Girtz gets the clean right, but Corals walks through it. Corals tries to back Girtz and he throws another big right. Loads Corals Body Shot. Girtz circles out and to his left. Corals tag him right away. Girtz charges ahead, but the counters keep the counters clean when Girtz is not connected. Body kick for Girtz. Leg kick for corals. 10-9 Corals.

Round 2: Corals stings Girtz with a hard leg kick in the first 30 seconds. Corals goes into the body again. Girtz is definitely trying to defend himself on his back foot. He carefully goes to the middle and Corals answers to the left. Body kick for Girtz pauses Corals in the blink of an eye. Straight left by Girtz. Gertz told Corrells the hard leg and Henry in his corner had nothing on the right. He was definitely bouncing up and down on that foot. The corals attack it again and again. Right Jab by Corals. The corrals reduce the angle like the Girtz circles on the left. Girtz runs and eats the uppercut for his difficulty. 10-9 Corals.

Round 3: Girtz fires to make a phone booth fight, but Corals continues to eat him with counter shots and leg kicks. Girtz Vince does another leg kick in 52 seconds. Another at 1:09. Girtz balances the corals with his left hand and tries to get rid of them. Corals broke it at 1:29 and kicked that right leg again. Girtz is having trouble putting weight on it. It is ridiculous that he is often called “Hurts” Girtz, because he is annoying right now. Body kick lands for Girtz. His face is beet red and his leg is turning black and blue. Girtz ings up and misses two minutes to go. They orbit each other in the middle of the cage. Girtz brutally misses a claim. Body kick for Girtz. Coral counters difficult Wild miss. As Josh Thomson put it, “Corals is doing a good job of making Girtz miss.” One-two combo quick for leg kick and corals. Body shot for corals. They trade hands even though they have 10 seconds left. 10-9 Corals.

Final result: Henry Corals by division decision of 30-27, 27-30, 30-27.

Dalton Rosta Vs. You Gwerder

Rosta 3-0, 6’0 ”in red gloves, 185.5 lbs. 5-1, 6’1 “, 184.2 lbs in Guerrero blue gloves. Gwerder has a 2.5 ”reach advantage at 76.5. He wears white trunks and fights from Las Vegas, Nevada. Rosta wears red trunks and fights from Coconut Creek in Florida. Our Referee Talk Anderson.

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Round 1: No glove tap after opening hour. Gwerder keeps Rosta busy and initially on his back foot. Both kicked. Gverder with left hook. Rosta left over from the counter. Another leg kick from Gwerder. Rosta grabs a kick and kicks it away. Rosta tags Gwerder with a claim and he tries to make it laugh at the sign he says. Both the uppercut and the left hook land for the rosta. Leg kick for Gwerder. Partially checked jab and head kick for rosta. Now Rosta is pushing Guerrero into the crowd and back. Gwerder tries to hold back with a flying knee, while Rosta avoids it and lowers the levels. He gets withdrawn after the scramble and ends at the back against the fence, Gwerder takes the knees from behind. Just a minute to go. Rosta threw him down again, and then pushed him into the cage. Small knees. Rosta slips backwards, pulls Guerder to the ground and pulls a hook inside. He has two hooks, but has less time. 10-9 round to Rosta.

Round 2: Rosta comes forward early and looks for both the right hook and the right kick to the body. Gwerder sees him and charges with a rosta combo. He lowers the levels for a single and lowers Guerrero at 1:22. Rosta transforms backwards and gets hooks with three minutes left. Gwerder sits back, but is behind him with Rosta. Rosta threw left and right from behind and over his head. Rosta stands back to drive the body to the knees, Gwerder tries to get free, they trade the knees and return to the center at 3:50. Gwerder comes forward and turns towards Rosta. Rosta comes forward with a combo. Hard body shot by Rosta. Jab from Gwerder. Head kick checked by Gwerder. Side kick by Rosta. 10-9 Rosta.

Round 3: Guerrero starts to come forward, but Rosta changes direction in 30 seconds. Gwerder stops with a good left hand. Rosta threw a body kick and pushed Guerrero back. Leg kick for Rosta. Gwerder missed the combo as Rosta missed. Rosta throws the unconnected knee, but pulls Guerder back to avoid the impact. Rosta hurts him with both rights and shoots, getting a withdrawal at 2:45. Rosta takes back two minutes to go. He takes a full mount for some land and pound, then Guerder releases back without exploding. Gwerder reverses and sees 22 seconds left, but Rosta ties him up and lets him go. 10-9 Rosta.

Final result: Dalton Rosta by unanimous decision of 30-27 X3.