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Canada Dry agrees to pay $ 200K because the drink is not ginger

Canada Dry agrees to pay $ 200K because the drink is not ginger

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VANCOWER – A Canadian dry ginger ale manufacturer has agreed to pay more than 000 200,000 to settle a class-action lawsuit filed by a BC man, alleging that the soda was misled by marketing, indicating that it has inal medicinal benefits.

The BC Supreme Court ruling on costs released on Monday states that Victor Cardoso bought Canada Dry on the basis of “made from real ginger”, but that marketing was wrong and there was nothing in it.

Cardoso later admitted that soda contained small amounts of ginger derivatives, but accused the company of misrepresenting its product.

Soda Manufacturer, Canada Dry Mots Inc. Denied the allegations and no liability.

Under the settlement agreement, the company is not required to change its labeling or advertising for products sold in Canada.

The deal was approved in March for Canadians outside Quebec, with the company set to pay 18,607 in legal costs and other legal costs.

The contract means that the remaining money will be paid to the class members through a donation to the BC Law Foundation. The two main plaintiffs each receive 500 1,500.

Cardoso Canada Dry advertises that its product is made from real ginger “in an effort to harness the health benefits of consuming ginger.”

He said he bought ginger ale regularly for his family believing it was “natural”.

Class-action followed similar lawsuits in the United States, which dropped the line “made from real ginger” from products the company sold there.

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This report of the Canadian Press was first published on October 29, 2020.

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