May 20, 2022

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Fact Check: Can you change it after you cast your vote?

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On Monday, he continued his attempts to degrade mail-in ballots and Sued We “must have the final amount by November 3”, which flagged Twitter as misleading and prevented users from viewing their feeds. CNN is Previously actually checked Similar comments: This is a misunderstanding of how the system works and an unrealistic expectation for the 2020 pandemic era elections.
On Tuesday, Trump suggested voters could change their votes. Tweeting: “As soon as the second debate took place I voted strongly (Google) Can I change my vote? This implies a change for me. In most states the answer is yes. Do it. It is the most important choice in your life!”

Facts First: This is at best misleading. In “most” states, after your ballot is broadcast, you will not be able to change your vote, either in the mail or in person.

In response to the president’s tweet, CNN reached out to a total of 50 states about their policies on changing one’s vote. All but five responded. Of those who did, all but six told CNN that they would not allow voters to change their votes. The other six – Delaware, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York and Wisconsin – provided information about the processes they had or about the provisions of state law that would allow anyone to change their vote.

“For the most part, this will not be allowed,” said Amber McRonald, Denver’s former election director and now CEO. National vote at Home Institute, Mail-ballot advocacy group, told CNN. “Standard practice is usually the first ballot at the door. You can not change your mind once you have submitted.”
In some states, it depends on how they define what they have submitted. For example, Connecticut’s Secretary of State for Communications, Gab Rosenberg, said CNN voters in Connecticut could not change their vote. Inscription Those who voted by mail can withdraw their absentee ballot if requested to do so in person by 5pm on Friday. That ballot is invalid and their vote will not be counted.

Voters may request another ballot in absentia or vote in person. In theory, someone could vote for a candidate on an absentee ballot, change his mind, and then register their vote for another candidate. Rosenberg, however, insisted that their vote would not be technically altered because the initial choice was never registered or counted.

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Many states have policies for people who have received and filled out an absentee ballot, but have not yet dropped it or put it in the mail and now want to change their vote. As such, some states allow voters to request a replacement ballot or instead vote in person and cancel the “absent” or early absent ballot.

Others like Texas want voters to bring their spoiled ballot to the polling station and hand it over. For example, in New Mexico, voters requesting an absentee ballot must sign an affidavit stating that they do not intend to submit it in person to vote.

While this may technically allow someone to change what they fill out in the opening ballot, it’s not like changing your vote.

“It’s very difficult to change your vote in Hopper‌,” Wendy Underhill, director of elections & redistricting for the National Conference of State Legislatures, told CNN’s Kelly Mena. “The decisive thing is that if your first ballot is received and counted and not, you may have the opportunity to go inside and say, ‘I want to do it differently.’

However, some states clearly support the voter’s ability to change their vote. Details are here:


Michigan Allows Voters to invalidate or “spoil” their absentee ballot and to accept a new one even if they have already voted and returned.

Voters must request a new mail-in ballot before 5pm on Friday before the election or before 4pm on Monday before the election.


In Minnesota, “A voter with an accepted ballot may request that their ballot be tampered with and replaced until two weeks before the election”. Normally, the request can be made up to a week before the election, but under the new policy due to Kovid-19, voters will not be able to change their vote if they wish to do so, following the President’s tweet. For elections.


In Wisconsin, Voters can spoil their ballot twice if they make a mistake or change their mind regardless of whether they are voting at the polling station or by mail. Even if an absentee ballot is submitted, those wishing to change the ballot must request a new ballot in writing or in person at the clerk’s office. Until 5 p.m. Thursday before the election.

After the opening ballot is spoiled, voters can vote in person or request another ballot that is not present. If the second or third ballot does not arrive at the clerk’s office by election day, it will not be counted.

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New York

In New York, it depends on the method used to vote. Those requesting and casting an absentee ballot may request another or vote in person. However, if you vote in person first, that vote will not be changed.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, time is of the essence. Anyone can change the vote by voting in person before the absent ballot is processed because they are processed later on election day. The state deadline to receive absent ballots is 5pm on election day.


In Delaware, if a voter wants to change the ballot after their absentee or by ballot by mail ballot, they should contact their county election office. The county election office notifies the voter whether the ballot has already been processed or prepared for scanning and table. If not, the voter may request to change their vote.

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