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Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra: How to Catch Terracione, Virgin and Cobalian

As you step around the Crown Tundra of Pokemon Sword and Shield you will find shining glowing footprints. These footprints are evidence for the discovery of the legendary Pokemon Terracione, Virigin and Cobalian. You need to find enough footprints for each Pokemon and report back to Sonia before you catch the swords of justice (nicknames Terracione, Virgin and Cobalian). We broke down the whole process for you.

Unlike hunting for diglet in the Isle of Armor, there are more footprints than you should find in the Crown Tundra. In other words, Game‌Freak hides some extra footprints to make things a little easier. There are three different sets, and they are mainly located in different parts of the Crown Tundra, although sometimes the footprints appear for each other for different myths.

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YouTuber Dedra has an amazing video (posted above) that shows you where to find all the footprints. By following the path in this video, you will have all the footprints within 15 minutes.

Report back to Sonia

Once you have found 100% of the footprints required for Terracione, Virigin, or Cobalian, be sure to report back to Sonia. The legendary Pokemon will not appear until you talk to her after finding the footprints. You can see Sonia in her home in Freezington.

Catch terracotta, virgin and cobalt

Now is the time to catch terracotta, virgin and cobalt! You can find footprints for one, grab it, and then search for more footprints or find all the footprints and catch them. Order does not matter.

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Terracione, Virigion and Cobalt are randomly found in their respective regions. Each area does not have a specific location for them to appear, so you need to look around. The pictures we have below are where they appeared for us, but they are not the only spots that appear in each area.

  1. Go Cold Sea To capture the cobalt.

    Source: iMore

  2. Go Giants Bed To capture virgin

    Crown tundra virgin

    Source: iMore

  3. Go Lakeside Cave To capture terracione.

    Crown tundra terracotta

    Source: iMore

  4. Go back Sonia To complete the search.

Hold Keldio

One thing that makes Pokemon one of the best Nintendo Switch games is that DLC adds more to explore. There are many mysterious mythical and mythical Pokemon in the Crown Tundra, one of which is that you should have Terracione, Virgin and Cobalian. To catch Keldio, you must have Terracione, Virgin and Cobalt in your party and go to a small island near the Dyna Tree. We have a complete guide to help you catch caldeo, regigas and more in the Crown Tundra to help you.

New adventure

Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor Expansion

More Pokemon to play

Isle of Armor Pokemon Sword and Shield adds new territory to the new Pokడmon and brings back your favorite Pokemon. This is a fantastic way to extend your Pokemon.