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Discovery’s Actors Talk “People of Earth” and What’s Next for Season 3 – Trekmovie.com

Discovery's Actors Talk "People of Earth" and What's Next for Season 3 - Trekmovie.com

With three episodes under our belt, there are still a lot of questions about the third season Star Trek: Discovery. Some of the cast on the show are talking, and we’ve blocked some other interesting answers. There is also something new Ready Room To check out with a clip of Jonathan Freaks and next week’s episode.

Discovery dates back to the 32nd century

If you are wondering Discovery Returning to the 23rd house, or going to any other age, Doug Jones (Saru) makes it clear Collider Where they are:

“[The show] Massively changed. We are boldly going where no Star Trek series has gone before and it is a permanent jump to the future. 930 years. So not only for a few years. We have entered a whole new era with new rules, new customs, new everything. What it did to the writers, however, was that we were playing the first two seasons ten years before the original series. We began to adhere to the canon and make sure everything we do does not affect the following seasons and the canon and the storyline as they have already filmed. Now we move on to where writers have the freedom to create from the ground up. It’s exciting, and we’re exploring new worlds and new creatures and nostalgia for all the species you already know, we’re going to visit them again but with new relationships with each other than you already know. It was a pleasure to see how the galaxy changed in those 930 years. ”

Doug Jones in “People of Earth”

We visit the book world

Season three introduced the character of the Cleveland “Book” booker, who is still a mystery. Actor David Azala spoke And About how the storyline of the book is explored:

Yes, for sure. It’s about season recognition and it’s about people discovering their identity or re-establishing their identity in unknown territory. Booker is a man who has to re-evaluate certain things about his own identity, and this only happens because of his first meeting with Michael Burnham. Throughout the season, we see his storyline unfold. And there are exclusive episodes where it’s totally the world of the book, where he came from, I’m really excited. There was a certain episode that took him home.

Sonequa Martin-Green as Burnham and David Azala as “People of the Earth”

Blue del Barrio Adira explains how to come out non-binary

When it was first announced that non-binary actor Blue Del Barrio was about to join Discovery, CBS highlighted How they play a non-binary role. However when Del Barrio’s Adira was introduced this week, the character referred to the use of feminine pronouns. Are talking Forbes, Del Barrio explained that the character’s upcoming journey will suit their own:

“I’ve had a difficult experience with gender all my life,” they say. “When I got this piece, I was still questioning. I knew I was not Sisgender, but I really wasn’t anyone. I had to come out to myself and my friends and my parents.
“I’m so excited to get into a non – binary role. My first emotion was the pure pleasure of playing with something that allows me to explore more. Then came all the deceptive syndrome.
Adira and Del Barrio feel their confidence is growing together as filming progresses. “I wanted Adira to travel to reflect mine. I did not want to do anything that I had not done before, ”they said. “I didn’t want Adira to use the pronouns ‘they’ / ‘them’ until I came out.”

Blue del Barrio as Adira in “People of Earth”

The authors and freaks talk about the earth in the 32nd century

Writers Bo Yon Kim and Erica Lipolt along with director Jonathan Freaks joined host Will Wheaton for this week’s episode Ready Room To give insights into the making of Episode 303 (“People of Earth”). The authors first talked about their thought process on how to depict the earth in the 32nd century.

Lipold: You can dig these rabbit holes to show how technology is, how cities are, and ultimately what we want is to see what humanity will be like in the future. Really focused on the attitude of how Earth humans are changing.

Yon Kim: Even in the post-federal world, this is still the land that went through the Confederacy. So, these people are far more enlightened than we are. This is not how the federation originated in this xenophobic idea. If this story had anything to do with The Burn‌ it would have created a lot of PTSD for the public. As it disconnected from the rest of the planets, Earth began to isolate others to protect itself. Fear is a great weakness, even for those who have gone through the Confederacy, and even for those who cannot defend themselves through the Confederacy.

They also talked about 303 as a “classic star trek story” where they wanted to touch on a disconnected theme that fights fellow humans without knowing the plot of the earth. Freaks picks it up and talks about his favorite scene in the episode, Wen Big Reveal as a Human:

During that obvious comedy when Giorgio kicks his helmet off his head… it was one of the best moments of the show. And then they continue and with your mask, they find that you are one. All great Star Trek things. Giorgio’s Twist ాం Let’s wrap this up, we’re in fourth action, I know how to move this story.

Yesterday, Frex shared this photo from location shooting on “People of the Earth”

Watch the Ready Room, including the clip from 304

There were others behind the scenes behind the scenes, including Jeff Russo talking about scoring during the pandemic. There is also a clip of next week’s episode. You can see it in full below.

Keep it all up Star Trek: Discovery News, reviews and analysis on TrekMovie.com here.

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