May 30, 2023

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Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santo Cruz full fight video highlights

Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santo Cruz full fight video highlights

Watch the full fighting video highlights of the Gervonta Davis vs. Leo Santo Cruz from the Davis vs Santa Cruz event above courtesy of DAZN.

Davis vs. Santo Cruz was held on October 31 in Alamodom, San Antonio, Texas. Gervonta Davis and Leo Santo Cruz ided in the title fight on the show’s live show that aired live on Showtime. See more video highlights below.

Davis retained the WBA Lightweight title and won the WBA Super Featherweight title.

See Connor McGregor reaction below.

To learn more about Davis vs. Santo Cruz, see Live blog From the Bad Left Hook.

Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz

Round 1: Davis comes out to the center ring and takes a strong pose. Jab came from Davis pushing Santa Cruz back. Uppercut already from Davis Lands. Introduces the right hand from Santa Cruz. Davis tries another counterattack, but does not land. Santa Cruz throws a quick combination and catches Davis with the final shot. Three shots land from Santa Cruz but Davis comes back immediately and gives the body a tight counter. Santa Cruz is already bleeding. Davis headed straight to the left in the middle of Santa Cruz’s guard. Davis comes forward and takes a job from Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz looking for counter opportunists is now on the back foot. Charge from Santa Cruz puts Davis on his ass but the referee appoints it as a slip! Santa Cruz throws mostly a non-land combination. I’m going to edge this first round to Davis, because it’s not a knockdown, he did more damage. Davis 10-9.

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Round 2: Santa Cruz moves forward slowly and throws the right hook, which partially lands on Davis. Santa Cruz throws the most missing combination. Uppercut from Davis lands. Davis backs away as Santa Cruz tries to walk bigger. Jab Land for Santa Cruz. Davis loses two counters. Now Davis has slammed Santa Cruz to the canvas and received a warning from the referee. Santa Cruz moves forward and Davis throws his left hand, but Santa Cruz hits with responses that make it not so clean but make an impression. Lands straight left for Davis. Good round for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Davis falls short on a jab. Santa Cruz rushes forward, but does not act recklessly with his offense working in his favor. In the corner Davis and Santa Cruz are measured with a jab, but Davis gets into the uppercut. Along with the ropes the left hand comes upstairs for Santa Cruz along with Davis. Santa Cruz misses to the right and Davis misses the corner. Davis falls short on two jabs to the body. Davis loses a job but ducks a couple counters for Santa Cruz. Davis begins to push forward and lowers his left arm upwards, then one to the body. The body lands again for the hard left Davis. Jab stepped in for Davis again. Santa Cruz gives the body a counter uppercut. Closing the round, I go a little to the edge for Davis. Davis 10-9.

Round 4: Davis Jobs but it was blocked. Santa Cruz loses some of his own jobs. The two warriors end up in a clinic at the center ring. Santa Cruz gives a good hook to the body. Davis comes back and escapes in the uppercut. Davis has the Uppercut and Hook Lands well. The fighters both do business and both land on each other! Santa Cruz has been trading with Santa Cruz in his pocket and has maintained his ground well so far. Davis comes in well on the left side of the body, while Santa Cruz returns with a jab. Another body shot landed for Davis but the referee warned they were too far away. Davis comes forward and Santa Cruz tries to meet him with two punches. For Davis on the left side of the body. This time Jab climbed the stairs for Davis. Santa Cruz caught on better than I thought, but I think Davis’ power shots make a difference in this round. Davis 10-9, 39-37.

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5th round: Davis stands in the center ring and throws a non-landing combination as Santa Cruz gets out of Davis’ range. Lead Right causes a partial relationship for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz misses two shots as Davis moves sideways along the ropes. Left land for body again for Davis. Now the right arm landed on the body of Santa Cruz. Davis returns with a right-to-left left to Gutt following two jabs. Santa Cruz eats a jab upstairs. Right hand lead for Santa Cruz this time. Left to body scores again for Davis. Santa Cruz throws an inefficient combination that Davis can do. Good round to Davis, I think. Davis 10-9.

Round 6: Santa tells Cruz to cross this round in the corner and Davis becomes gas in the second half. Good right for the body for Santa Cruz, then another, another! Right and left of body for Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz throws more punches and makes some contact. Davis tries to step through Santa Cruz’s offense and both warriors trade body shots. Santa Cruz got the right hand lead. To the body Davis is the enemy and the referee says it is low and Santa Cruz will have some time to recover. Davis claimed that Santa Cruz had caught him, forcing him to keep the punches low. Right Hook Land for Santa Cruz. Davis tries to come forward with some big power shots and lands a couple! Santa Cruz is back and Santa Cruz is stunned by the big uppercut by Davis! It’s over, Santa Cruz is cool! Sick One-Punch KO! Davis KO-6.