March 28, 2023

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Coronavirus: What is happening on Monday in Canada and around the world

Coronavirus: What is happening on Monday in Canada and around the world


  • BREAKING: Ontario Reports 948 more COVID-19 cases The new long-term care standard is coming.
  • New Record of 6 deaths A rise of COVID-19 number 312 was reported in a single day in Manitoba on Sunday.
  • WHO chief self-restraint after favorable consultation tests for COVID-19.
  • As COVID-19 Roams all over Russia, Hospitals are under pressure.
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The U.S. government’s top infectious disease expert warns that the country will face “a lot of suffering” in the coming weeks due to the rising number of coronavirus cases.

Comments by Dr. Anthony Fauci Washington Post Take the issue with President Donald Trump’s frequent argument that the country is “turning around” on the virus.

Fauzi said the U.S. could not “be kept worse” to prevent a growing number of cases as more people congregate indoors during the cold fall and winter months. He says the United States needs to make a “sudden change” in public health.

Speaking about the risks, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he believes it is “being taken seriously from a public health perspective” and that Trump “is looking at it from a different angle.” Fawzi, who is in the White House Coronavirus Task Force, said the vision was “to reopen the economy and the country.”

White House spokesman Judd Deer said Trump would always put the welfare of the people first and that Fauzi was determined to “play politics” ahead of Tuesday’s election. Fauzi says he has not publicly endorsed any political candidate in his decades of public service.

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See | Trump supporters chant ‘Firefox’ at Florida rally:

Supporters of US President Donald Trump began chanting ‘Fire Fossie’ in reference to the country’s epidemiologist, Dr. Anthony Fauci, at a rally in Opa-Loca, Fla. 0:26

Speaking at a campaign rally in Florida, the president said Fawzi hit the service early Monday. Trump has expressed frustration by chanting “Firefoxy” slogans from his supporters that the virus cases that have claimed more than 231,000 lives in America this year are prominent in the news.

“Don’t tell anyone but wait a bit until the election is over,” Trump responded to thousands of supporters early Monday, applauding their “suggestions.”

What is happening around the world

The head of the World Health Organization said he had been identified as an acquaintance of a person tested positive for COVID-19 and would self-detain. Tedros Adhanam Ghebreasus wrote on Twitter late Sunday that he was “well and without symptoms” but “in the coming days, will work in accordance with WHO protocols and from home”.

The WHO Director-General has been at the forefront of the global response to the coronavirus epidemic, which has infected at least 46.5 million people and led to more than 1.2 million deaths, according to cases confirmed by Johns Hopkins University.

Tables are lined with plastic as restaurants and bars move under the COVID-19 lockdown on Sunday in Frankfurt, Germany. (Kai Pfafenbach / Reuters)

In Europe, Many countries starting with a partial shutdown in Germany on Monday are tightening sanctions this week as authorities on the continent try to slow the rapid rise in coronavirus infections that threaten to overwhelm their health care systems.

Britain and Austria will close restaurants, bars and unwanted shops later in the week. Italy, Greece and Kosovo have also announced new measures. In some places, the new rules – which vary in severity – provoke violent protests by people frustrated with having to give up freedom.

But for many, experts say they should have come weeks ago – a reflection of the balance that most countries are struggling between controlling the virus and boosting already damaged economies.

“We know the frustration, the sense of loss, the fatigue of citizens, the anger that is being expressed these days, that citizens are living with new limits to their personal freedom,” said Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte. , He defended his government’s decision to order new measures.

In Americas, Coronavirus cases continued their terrible ascent in the United States on Sunday, with Midwestern states hospitalized at record levels.

The Brazilian health minister, who is ill with COVID-19, was due to be hospitalized Sunday night.

In Asia Pacific Region, India registered 45,231 new infections, totaling 8.23 ​​million cases.

South Korea has said it will extend its mandatory mask policy to spas, wedding halls and other venues as part of new physical distance regulations.

Last week, a health worker performed a cleansing test on a person at a mobile COVID-19 test clinic in Kolkata. (Dibangshu Sarkar / AFP / Getty Images)

In Middle East, Iran’s daily coronavirus death toll rises to record 434 on Sunday

South Africa remains the toughest country Africa, More than 726,000 cases and more than 19,400 deaths have been reported since the outbreak began.

What is happening in Canada

As of Monday morning, provinces and territories across Canada had reported a total of 237,789 confirmed or corneal coronavirus cases. 198,555 provinces and territories listed as recovered or settled. The CBC News death toll stands at 10,186, based on regional reports, regional health information and CBC reporting.

Ontario There were 948 new COVID-19 cases, 315 in Toronto, 269 in the Peel region, 81 in the York region and 64 in Ottawa. Province reported as of Monday 350 cases in hospital With 72 people in the ICU, seven new deaths have also been announced.

The numbers came earlier on Monday than expected on the standards in long-term care homes in the province, which has been badly damaged by the coronavirus pandemic.

Two Quebec Regions – Sagune-Lock-Saint-Gene and Chowder-Appalachలాs – going into Quebec The highest state of alert For COVID-19, Quebec City, Montreal, Laval and many other areas joined the area known as the “Red Jones”.

Quebec, it has seen a lot more cases Province or territory, 1,037 new COVID-19 cases were reported on Monday. According to a COVID-19 tracking tool There are 499 people in the hospital run by Quebec health officials and 81 in the ICU.

In Manitoba, People are seeing new sanctions as the province tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 Record number New cases over the weekend. The Winnipeg area, now the province’s highest alert level, has many new ones Temporary restrictions Gathering size and business capacity.

See | Manitoba doctors warn of dire situation in hospitals:

Manitoba doctors have warned the government for the second time about the critical situation in provincial hospitals as the COVID-19 pandemic in the province is no longer under control. Restored sanctions will take effect Monday, but some fear it will be too short, too late. 2:06

The province reported 312 new COVID-19 cases Sunday in the province since the novel emerged at 6,034. As of Sunday, the hospital had 120 people with COVID-19 and 18 were in intensive care. According to the province, the province’s test passivity rate is 8.9 percent COVID-19 Dashboard.

Saskatchewan 74 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Sunday, bringing the number of new cases to 60 for five consecutive days. The province has reported 25 deaths since the outbreak began.

Health officials in British Columbia And Alberta Do not provide updated stats for the weekend. In Calgary, a hospital is experiencing the spread of COVID-19 Three units. In Vancouver, people gathered in the downtown entertainment district on Saturday night to celebrate Halloween, despite warnings from public health officials to avoid large crowds.

In Atlantic Canada, Nova Scotia Reported Two new COVID-19 cases On Sunday. Central Zone cases are under investigation, health officials said.

New Brunswick Reported A new COVID-19 case On Sunday, he said the man was between 30 and 39 and lived in the Fredericton area. No new cases were reported Newfoundland and Labrador Or Prince Edward Island, There are no active cases for this.

No new cases were reported Yukon, The Northwestern Territories Or Nunavut Over the weekend.