May 30, 2023

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Jay Uso disliked the piped-in sound of the Thunder Dome, how many promos were scripted during his and Roman rule

Jay Uso was one of WWE’s most compelling storytellers in his arc with Roman rule, and Uso spoke about the story in a new interview. Uso appeared in The Gorilla Position‌ and how much freedom they had in their promo, he did not like the pipe-in ​​sound for the Thunderdome experience. You can watch the full video of the highlights and interview below:

On how much Creative wrote their promos: “It’s not so much, uce. What am I saying, what is he saying? Not much. I will respond to what he says. Because they can not write our promos. They can not write it. They can not write how he feels about me and how I feel about him. But good thing We have now come to the level where they trust us to say, ‘Do your job’. They now trust us. Do you think it’s good to finally reach that level? Finally, where people are, ‘Yo yo yo, he’s a good player. You trust him, He’s going to do what he has to do. Take the chains off of him. ‘I finally think of what they did. And we’re going more and more, bro.

Pipe-in ​​noise to Thunder Dome: “Yeah, is it piped with noise? I can hear. I hate it. No power, no power .. I have to draw from myself or from my opponent. You know how to walk through curtains, and people are alone [in the audience]. Just like you danced. Can you dance in the mirror in that empty room, or do you know when to spend time with people? Now you’ve got more distance in it. So I miss that part, because I have to draw it from within me. I’m really, really losing people, the man… made wrestling unique like the same football. Live audience, live audience. ”

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