June 5, 2023

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Apple’s One More Thing Mock Event: How to Watch November 10th

Apple's One More Thing Mock Event: How to Watch November 10th

That line has a lot of history with Apple.


This is part of the story Apple event, Full coverage of the latest news from Apple headquarters.

Apple’s Max included Going to get a brain transplant. On November 10, Apple will announce its next generation of computers. Unlike desktops and laptops, it has been selling for the last 14 years. Not powered by a chip made by Intel. Instead, it will be used in the same way as the power chips for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

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We know a few things Apple’s new Mac computers, They will be able to run iPhone and iPad apps, there are still a lot of questions. Among them, Apple did not say how fast its new chips were compared to a comparable Intel-powered computer. Apple has not discussed any other changes to its desktop and laptop computers, although they are expected to be more energy efficient.

All in all, Apple’s event promises to be interesting. This is Apple’s third largest product to fall. It’s online because it’s ongoing Corona virus pandemic. More than 46.8 million virus cases have been reported worldwide And over 1.2 million people Died from it. The show also comes a week later Controversial 2020 US presidential election.

The Mac will be a key product at Apple’s event and while many people are likely to focus their attention, the company may have other devices to showcase. There are new ones in them Apple-branded over-ear headphones Also known as Air Pods Studio, as well as the company Long-rumored air tags beacons To find your lost keys, among other things. And in the case of a long-shot, a Smart headset, Apple has not yet publicly discussed.

Apple’s online-only event follows the company’s announcements in September For its newest iPods, Apple Watches and Apple One subscription service, And in October for that Homepod mini smart speaker and iPhone 12 series handsets.

Apple’s online-only event is November 10 at 10 a.m. PT / 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, and November 11 at 5am AEDT. (Sorry, Australia.)


You can stream the Apple event live from the company’s website.

What we expect

Apple’s digital events are fast, but they’re full of information. And expect higher production values. For the homepod mini ad, Apple has built a multi-story Fox house.

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