February 22, 2024

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As election day approaches, the Trump rally concludes with a blunt curtain call: ‘I have a good life, a great life’


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While Monday’s rallies failed to reduce Trump’s leadership to Joe Biden’s surprise victory or end a campaign, these polls suggest Americans mistakenly conducted him.

Michael Boulos, Vice President Mike Pence, Tiffany Trump, Eric Trump, Laura Trump, Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.. US President Donald Trump at the 2020 Gerald. Ford International Airport on November 2, 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo JEFF KOWALSKY / AFP

At his last rally he traveled with an unusually large entourage, including Vice President Mike Pence and Karen Pence; His four adult children, some of their partners and longtime members in his circle are Raines Pribus, Corey Lewandowski and David Bassi. In Wisconsin, many spoke, including his eldest daughter Ivanka Trump, her husband, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr. and Trump’s son Eric’s wife Laura Trump.

Later, at the final rally, the president thanked his children.

“Words can’t express how proud you are of me every day. Whatever happens tomorrow, I’m very proud of all of you, “he said with a laugh:” But if we do not win, I will not talk to them again. “

Trump has been nostalgic at all of his rallies since recovering from the coronavirus. He routinely sorts the crowd with stories about the 2016 win, while at the same time he rarely explains what to do a second time.

He continues to appeal to voters whose support has waned, including the elderly and women. “Love me, suburban women,” he said at a rally earlier Monday. “Women in the suburbs – please,” he added at another.

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Any delay in counting unprecedented mail ballots, especially in Pennsylvania, has prompted Trump to pledge legal action. He predicted a “Red Wave” vote on Tuesday to defy the election again and win another electoral college. However, amid the bomb predictions and abuse complaints made by Democrats and the courts and the media, Trump is thinking hard, what might have happened otherwise.

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