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WhatsApp makes it easy to clear space on your phone

WhatsApp makes it easy to clear space on your phone

If you spend a lot of time chatting on your phone, chances are it will take a good chunk of its storage through pictures and videos sent by friends and family. Now WhatsApp makes it easy to clear storage right from the app itself.

WhatsApp already has the basic functionality to clear stored media, but now you get full data management. If you go to WhatsApp> Settings> Storage and Data> Storage, you will be greeted with a new interface that sorts objects by size and allows you to preview them before deleting files. You can select multiple items to continue and delete the files you want to keep.

The new feature divides the media into two categories: files larger than 5MB and “often forwarded” files. Furthermore, WhatsApp now displays a warning when your phone’s storage is low, asking you to delete some media files.

I, appreciate one feature. Although I was very careful about clearing the storage on my phone, I had to help my parents, so the owner knew how many times because of all the WhatsApp messages they send; It’s nice to have the feature built into the app itself.

The new functionality was made available to WhatsApp users worldwide this week.

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Published November 4, 2020 – 01:59 UTC

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