July 1, 2022

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Five of Trump’s tweets were labeled ‘misleading’ on Twitter on Wednesday

Five of Trump's tweets were labeled 'misleading' on Twitter on Wednesday
  • Twitter on Wednesday described the five tweets made by President Donald Trump as “controversial” and “misleading.”
  • The tweets generally questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, referring to Michigan’s vote number and “ballot dump.”
  • Twitter announced before the election that it would crack down on election misinformation, and the president’s tweets were no exception.
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Twitter on Wednesday termed five tweets by President Donald Trump as “controversial” and “misleading” as part of a platform effort to prevent election misinformation.

At 12:49 a.m. Wednesday, Trump deleted a series of tweets that disputed the Michigan results, accusing people of trying to steal elections and trying to “disappear” the Trump leadership in Pennsylvania, and questioning the legitimacy of the “surprise ballot.” Dumps. “

Twitter added labels to the tweets saying “some or all of the content shared in this tweet is controversial and may be misleading about the election or other civic process”.

The platform also prevents retweeting, only allowing users to quote-tweet, which encourages users to add their own comment before sharing the tweet with their followers.

Twitter blocked the text of tweets from appearing in user feeds, requiring them to click to view tweets.

Twitter Trump tweet blocked

Screen shot of President Donald Trump tweet.

Twitter has warned users for voting information, explaining that a winner has not been announced and that some states will count mail-in ballots later than election day.

In October, Twitter “Civil Integrity Policy“Amid fears of election interference. Since the announcement, Trump has been Repeatedly Tweets were posted questioning the legitimacy of the election – and Twitter took notice.

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted:

Trump said Wednesday that the vote count should stop because the states are still on the results table. The Associated Press reported.

Trump’s objection comes from regulations in states like North Carolina that allow officials to count ballot-marked but absent ballots on election day.

This is standard practice Continue counting votes after election day.

Later Wednesday morning, he retweeted two posts about Michigan’s vote level:

Trump retweet Twitter label

Screenshot of Donald Trump’s Twitter page.

The original tweet – deleted since then – indicated that Joe Biden received more than 128,000 votes on the updated list in Michigan, but Trump did not receive additional votes.

The person who later posted the original tweet The result of a typo is going to be statistics.

Trump later retweeted a post, saying the Michigan results were “reason enough to go to court” and that “no honest person can see this and it’s normal and unwise.”

That morning, Trump tweeted:

Candidate dominance on election night varies widely as different constituency amounts are reported and the influx of mail-in ballots this year has led to very late results.

Mail-in ballots favor Biden because Trump has discouraged his supporters from voting by mail. In the Pew survey Held in late September and early October, 51% of Biden supporters said they planned to vote by mail, while only 25% of Trump supporters said they voted.

At one o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, Trump tweeted:

In key battlefield states such as Nevada, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia, the flow of mail-in ballots has delayed results. As of Wednesday morning, about 1.4 million absentee ballots had not been counted in Pennsylvania. The New York Times reported.

Trump has repeatedly questioned the legitimacy of elections, especially mail-in ballots. Trump called the voting “significantly fraudulent” by mail Extensive evidence That’s it Voter fraud is very rare.

In addition to flagging the tweets as misleading, Twitter said it would label tweets announcing the winner in advance and remove “those intended to incite interference in the electoral process.”

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